Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised!

So the other month our central heating and cooling system broke.

The awful thing was that the local heat and advanced cooling system corporation could not get anyone out to myself and others for a few weeks.

It was honestly so cold out and I needed to have heating in our beach home, or I would be stuck paying a huge amount of money to stay at a hotel for a few afternoons. I decided to try our hand at buying 1 of those new portable and modern area heaters. I had used these way back when I was a kid, but they were much older and weaker at the time. These current area oil furnaces blew myself and others out of the water! I could honestly not fathom the fact that I was honestly able to heat our entire dining room with the portable area heater! The device is about the size of a small blender and it was so powerful that it could heat up our entire living room in minutes! Then, when I took the portable area furnace into the bedroom when it was time to go to sleep, it was able to do the exact same thing once again. And the real surprise was that this portable area furnace could heat up a whole room within minutes! It did not take long. I was honestly so impressed by all of this. So darn impressed that I think I am going to go out and buy a few more high tech and portable oil furnaces to keep around the home. Just in case 1 breaks in another modern heating and advanced cooling system emergency like the 1 I faced initially!

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Window tints were a necessity in the south.

I can get into my car in shorts, and not burn the backs of my legs

When I moved south, I didn’t realize the sun was going to be shining so brightly on the white sand. I didn’t realize how hot the inside of my car was going to become. I also didn’t realize how much damage the hot southern sun could do to the interior of my car. One of the first things I did realize was that the sun coming through the window could not be easily controlled with sunglasses. Within a month, I had made my way to the auto customization shop and made an appointment to have window tints installed on my car. I wanted the window tints to be dark enough to protect the interior, but not so dark that the cops would pull me over. It didn’t take long before I realized police officers were suspicious when you had blackout window tints on your car. I wanted a window tint with sun control properties. I thought it would be great to not need to wear sunglasses all the time, and sun control seemed ideal. I was also thinking that sun control window tints would help to keep the interior of my car from feeling like a blazing inferno and destroying the dashboard and car seats. I will admit that I didn’t expect the sun control window tints to do as good a job as they do. I can get into my car in shorts, and not burn the backs of my legs. The interior of my car doesn’t feel like it is a bake oven. Sun control window tints made it a joy to drive my car.



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Make sure that you double check your thermostat if the power goes out

If your power goes out unexpectedly, then you need to make sure that you double check your thermostat to make sure that your heating and cooling program isn’t messed up.

I have to say that I had to learn this the hard way a few months ago whenever we were having a lot of electrical storms in our area.

The storms would end up making the electricity flash off and on a lot, and I just got so tired of fixing the flashing clocks over and over that I finally just stopped checking them. This was happening almost on a daily basis, and it was getting to be super annoying. Anyway, when you have a storm once in a while, you will go around and make sure all the lightbulbs aren’t shot, that the TV is okay, and that the clocks are reset to the right time. But when it happens over and over, you just get sick of it. That’s what happened to me, and I completely neglected to double check our digital thermostat unit after the storms. I just didn’t even think about the fact that the power could have messed up our digital thermostat. It wasn’t until our house felt like a swamp that I noticed that there was anything wrong at all. It was so hot outside and the inside of the house was like a rainforest. It was terrible and I thought that our air conditioning had torn up! I was beginning to panic and that’s when I noticed that the lights on the thermostat were flashing. Everything was fine with the A/C. The thermostat had just been knocked offline because of the power surges.

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We need to buy some covers for our A/C unit and our faucets

Before winter gets here in full force, we really need to buy some covers for our air conditioning unit that’s outside.

Not only that, but we also need to buy covers for our outdoor faucets, too. Over the years, we have never really used covers for our outside appliances before. I don’t know why, but for some reason it always just felt like an extra added expense that we did not really need. However, the last couple of winters that we have had have been extra cold. The temperatures have consistently been in the low teens during the winter and that is much colder than we are used to around here! That’s why this year we decided that we were going to get some covers for our air conditioning unit and for our faucets outside. I’m not really as concerned about the outdoor faucets as I am about our exterior air conditioning unit. Even though the weather gets so darn cold during the winter, we still have really hot summers here and I don’t want anything bad to happen to our air conditioning system. Last year we had some issues with icicles breaking off the roof and falling onto our air conditioning unit and I don’t want that to happen again this winter. You really just never know how it’s going to be and I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. I certainly don’t want to have to pay for air conditioning repairs when we go to turn the AC on in the late spring next year, that’s for sure.
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I love it when the heating system is running

I love the winter whenever the heating system is running and I’m trying to sleep.

There is just something about being in a nice warm and cozy house with a great heating system that makes me want to curl up under the covers and sleep all night.

The last time that I had our furnace system maintained by our HVAC company, the heating technician told me that he thought that our furnace was running way too loud. He said that it should not be roaring the way that it was. I personally really like that whooshing sound that it makes whenever the heating system kicks on and comes pouring out of the heating vents though. As a matter of fact, in my bedroom, there is a heating vent in the ceiling above my bed and I love it so much. The sound of the rushing warm air coming through the heating vents is what makes me sleep the soundest on cold winter nights. I’m really not sure why it is so relaxing and calming to me, but the fact remains that it is! The HVAC technician told me that with just a few tuneups, he could make my furnace run almost silently. I told him he better not dare to do that. He gave me a funny look, but he said that he would not mess with it if I didn’t want him to. I guess that most people want their furnace to be quieter, but I personally would not mind if mine were even louder! Sleeping is the best with a loud furnace!


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Mack bought some rental properties

My friend Mack bought some rental properties back when we first got out of college.

He thought that he definitely wanted to get into real estate, and so he found some really great deals on some houses that needed to be updated.

He taught himself to do a lot of different kinds of handyman work and he saved a lot of money by doing most of the work himself. I was pretty impressed by the way that he learned how to do a lot of electrical work, plumbing, and even heating and cooling work. On two of the last houses that he has been working on, he had to completely replace the entire heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in both houses. I asked him why he did not just call one of the local residential HVAC companies to do the work for him, but he actually said that he kind of enjoyed it. Mack Never ceases to surprise me with his industriousness and the way that he is such a born entrepreneur. He did almost every bit of the work on the last two houses himself, and though it took him longer than it would have otherwise, I know that he’s gonna make a huge profit on the houses because he did so much of it himself. Not only that, but now that he has kind of gotten the hang of doing HVAC work, he says that he might go and get his certification. He said that he likes HVAC work so much that he might actually do that on the side in addition to his real estate work.



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I was working in an oil change garage over the summer

It was really nice to open that office door and feel the A/C blasting away in there for a few minutes

Over the summer, I was working in one of those oil change garages where they are supposed to be done with your car within a matter of minutes. This place was really serious about their timing. They like to be in first place out of all of the other oil change businesses like them in the area. They actually have a live clock going between all of the different franchises in a three county area just so that they can see who is doing the best and keeping their customers for the least amount of time. It was kind of fun to do because it was like we were in a contest every single day. The one bad thing about that sense of urgency was the fact that I almost never got a break to go and cool off. The garage itself and the pit areas where we did the oil changes did not have any air conditioning in them. The only place in the whole building with air conditioning was the little office on the other end of the garage. We would take turns and try to run to the office once in a while when it was slow just so that we could get out of the high summer temperatures in the garage. It was really nice to open that office door and feel the A/C blasting away in there for a few minutes. Of course, it never lasted long because there was always another customer coming through and we had to keep our times down. It really made me appreciate having central air conditioning in my house though!
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We were getting ready to have a baby

We knew that if we had a high quality whole home air purification system that would run in tandem with the furnace and the air conditioning system, then it would go a long way toward making the indoor air quality in the house what we needed it to be

Back in the spring, my wife and I were getting ready to have our first baby and we knew that we wanted to move into a better house with a better indoor air quality system than the one that had. We wanted to get all of this done before the baby came, of course. I mean, no one wants to move a brand new baby into a house with poor indoor air quality. We were busy getting ready for the baby with a baby shower and with all of the things that we needed for him. Then we were also busy because we were on the search for a new energy efficient house that we would feel comfortable moving into with the baby. The main thing that we wanted to make sure of was that the new house had a high efficiency heating and cooling system, some radiant heated flooring in the bathrooms and the kitchen, and a wood burning fireplace. The other thing that we wanted in the house was a whole home air purification system. We knew that if we had a high quality whole home air purification system that would run in tandem with the furnace and the air conditioning system, then it would go a long way toward making the indoor air quality in the house what we needed it to be. We had a really hard time finding a house that really fit all of the things that we needed it to. We had a realtor, though, and in the end we ended up finding the perfect place for our growing family.


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The thermostat kept changing on its own

I was really beginning to think that my house was haunted or something because my thermostat kept on changing on its own.

I would be minding my own business, doing laundry or working in the kitchen or something, and all of a sudden I would notice a huge change in the temperature in the house.

I have read books about ghosts causing a change in temperature or sucking all of the heat out of a room and so I honestly started to wonder if my house was haunted! I know that sounds completely crazy, but at that point I didn’t really know what was going on in my house. Not only did the temperature in the house seem to change for no reason, but I noticed that the furnace would kick on at all hours of the night, even when I didn’t want it to. It was the same thing in the summer with the air conditioning system, too. I finally decided that the house wasn’t haunted after all and that I probably just had some kind of a problem with my heating and cooling system. I called up the local HVAC company and made an appointment with them to see if they could figure out what the issue was. After only a few minutes of being in my house, the HVAC technician figured out the problem. There really wasn’t anything wrong with my thermostat or my HVAC system. It was doing exactly what it was programmed to do. Somehow, the thermostat had come with pre-programmed schedules loaded into it and I didn’t know it!

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My mom needed to have heating and cooling in the office

My mom had an addition put onto her house over the summer, but she somehow neglected to have the contractor put a heating and cooling system into the addition.

I really don’t know what she was thinking, but if you know my mom then you know she doesn’t think ahead all that much.

She knew exactly what kind of design she wanted for the room and she even knew what color curtains she wanted to get, but she did not think one bit about heating or air conditioning the additional square footage in her house at all. I really don’t understand my mother sometimes. She knew good and well that she was going to need to have heating and air conditioning in the addition, but she probably just didn’t want to pay to hire an HVAC contractor for it. I guess the general contractor that she ended up using never even brought it up! That’s because she always hires the cheapest guys she can get, regardless of how qualified they are. It just makes me roll my eyes, but that is just how my mom is. She has always been that way! Now, if they tried to put in ductwork, then she would end up messing up all of the drywall and the paint that just was installed. I told her that her best bet now would be to get something called a ductless mini split heating and cooling system for the addition. I think that it would be the least intrusive way to go as far as correcting the mistakes that they made while they were building it.