Dual fuel system is worth the extra cost

When I first started looking into having central air conditioning installed into my home, I’d never heard of a dual fuel system. I called up a local HVAC contractor to get an estimate, and he recommended a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. Since a heat pump costs a whole lot more, I was skeptical. However, I looked into the benefits of a heat pump and decided the extra expense was worth it. A heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity. It acts like an air conditioner in the summer and switches to heating mode when the temperature cools off. The system is especially energy efficient. It costs less to run than a conventional air conditioner or the furnace. It is all better at dehumidifying in the summer and won’t dry out the air in the winter. The heat pump works by moving existing heat between the house and the outdoors. It pulls heat out of the house to create a cooling effect. It finds ambient heat in the outdoor air and pumps it inside to warm up the house. Because it avoids the combustion process, there’s no greenhouse gases or carbon monoxide to worry about. This makes the heat pump especially safe, environmentally friendly and clean. The drawback of a heat pump is that it can’t handle demand when the weather drops below freezing temperatures. In my local area, that’s a frequent problem. At that point, the furnace automatically takes over. No matter what the weather brings, my house is perfectly comfortable. I save money on utility bills.

Cooling technology

Old heating/cooling unit keeps running

When we first bought our house, we were very aware of the age and condition of the heating and cooling system.

It is a packaged unit that is located outside. The equipment is enormous, dented and rusted. The operation is loud but the system has been reliable. We expected to need to replace the system within the year. We’ve now lived in the house for five years and until recently, experienced no issues. It provides plenty of cooling during the long hot summers and manages fairly well in the winter. In heating mode, it struggles a bit if the temperature drops below freezing. Fortunately, severe cold is rare in this area. This past summer, we noticed that the cooling system was running constantly, making its usual noises but not putting out any cool air. When I called for repair, I assumed I’d be told that it was time to purchase a whole new system. The technician found a small refrigerant leak. He said the unit is too old to find replacement parts. He added refrigerant and suggested that we wait and see. It’s possible the unit will operate effectively for another five years. It’s also possible that it will require another repair next week. I have started saving money toward a new heating/cooling system. I know that eventually we’ll be faced with the cost of purchase and installation. I’d like to be able to afford a high-efficiency, Energy Star rated unit that will lower our monthly utility bills. I hope to be able to upgrade to some advanced features such as zone control and adaptable speed technology.


Air conditioner service

Installing central air conditioning

Because I live in the northeastern part of the country, I never saw a need for central cooling until last year.

Our winter season tends to last for approximately eight months.

The temperature remains below freezing for the majority of the year and often drops into the negative digits. We require an extremely powerful furnace, and it runs just about non stop at maximum capacity. My heating bills are huge. By the time the snow melts and the outdoor temperature finally warms up, I’m excited to open the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze. I look forward to airing out the house and avoiding the high utility expenses. My family tends to spend the majority of our time outdoors. We could manage with window air conditioners in the bedrooms and some box fans everywhere else. However, last summer was unusual. The house started feeling overheated and sticky in early March. The temperature outside climbed into the mid eighties every day, and the humidity was a nightmare. The portable cooling units couldn’t keep up. It was impossible to get comfortable or relax. We couldn’t sleep at night and were always sweaty. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I called and got a free estimate on central air conditioning. Because of already having the furnace, it wasn’t overly expensive. However, it took a long time to get the cooling system installed. The HVAC contractor was super busy and booked solid for nearly eight weeks. Waiting for the new system was excruciating. Now that the air conditioner is operational, I don’t know how we ever got along without it. I run the cooling system even when the weather isn’t all that hot. I like the feel of the cool air circulation and benefit from air filtration.

Air conditioning expert

Considering a high velocity heating and cooling system

My house was built in the mid eighteen hundreds and lacks traditional ductwork.

For quite a few years, we got by with a combination of window air conditioners, box fans and electric space heaters.

This solution wasn’t ideal. The portable equipment was unattractive and not efficient or effective. Just recently, I started looking into high velocity heating and cooling systems. This type of system has a compressor located outside that moves heated or cooled air through a duct system that is much smaller than conventional alternatives. The tubing for the ductwork is only two-inches in diameter and quite flexible. It can be routed through existing walls and ceilings and even concealed under the floor without the need for any renovation. Taking advantage of a process of aspiration, a high velocity system delivers heated and cooled air much faster than a traditional system. It allows room temperature to be increased or decreased very quickly and maintains a more consistent comfort. I like the idea of ease of installation. I would love to have central heating and cooling, but I’m not willing to completely gut the house to do it. Plus, the smaller vents of high velocity systems are less noticeable and can be easily tucked out of sight. While the purchase and installation of high-velocity technology is rather high, I am convinced it would be worth it. We’d not only enjoy superior comfort but exceptional energy efficiency as well. The system provides both heating and cooling and is effective at humidity level. Because of the high pressure of the air, it’s possible to lower the humidity level by up to 30%.

Commercial air conditioning system

I love my window air conditioner

I live in an area where the winter weather seems to last forever.

  • We typically need to tighten up the house and start up the furnace sometime in September.

We are faced with temperatures down into the negatives and endless amounts of snow until at least early April. It’s not unusual to have several inches of snow on the ground for Easter. We’ve already had a snowstorm on Mother’s Day. I am always eager for the weather to warm up. Because the summer season doesn’t last very long, it’s not worth investing into central air conditioning. We can easily get by with box fans and window air conditioners. I absolutely love my window air conditioner. I can’t wait to carry it down from the attic and install it into the window. The whole process takes me less than five minutes. I start up the air conditioner before I really need it. I like to keep my bedroom especially cool for sleeping. I find that the noise of the air conditioner helps me sleep. It drowns out the sounds of traffic, barking dogs, noisy neighbors and early morning birds. Having the air conditioner running also circulates and filters the air. It keeps the bedroom smelling fresh and I don’t need to clean as often. With a cordless remote, I’m able to adjust temperature and fan speed without even getting out of bed. The cooling unit is wonderfully compact, lightweight and surprisingly energy efficient. I start it up when I head to bed at night and only run it until I get up in the morning. Having the window air conditioner operating costs me very little.


a/c worker

Neglecting air conditioner maintenance

I am not good about upkeep for any of my appliances.

I never drain the water heater and frequently forget to clean the lint trap in the dryer.

I don’t take care of the aerators on the faucets until there’s hardly any water pressure. I fail to have the oil changed in my car until the warning lights on the dash have been flashing for months. I’m equally terrible at taking care of the air conditioner. When the cooling system was installed, the contractor who handled the job strongly recommended that I sign up for a preventative maintenance program. He said that the company would call me every year and remind me to schedule upkeep for the cooling equipment. It sounded like a great idea, but I never got around to actually filling out the paperwork. Unfortunately, I neglected the necessary air filter cleaning and never set up proactive service for the air conditioner. Six years later, I started having some problems with the system. There was hardly any air coming from the vents. No matter how low I adjusted the thermostat, the house felt overheated and sticky. The air conditioner was running constantly, using up a tremendous amount of energy and my electric bills were astronomical. Plus, the air it produced smelled musty and gave me a headache. I should have immediately called for repair. I put it off until the air conditioner suddenly quit. When the house was horribly uncomfortable and hot, I finally scheduled service. The technician took the air conditioner apart and showed me the inner workings. It was super disgusting. There was a thick coating of wet dust all over everything. There was mold thriving on the coil and algae growing in the condensate drain.


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Old furnace runs perfectly

I’ve had the same furnace since we moved into our house almost twenty years ago.

The heating system wasn’t brand new when we purchased the property, but it had been well taken care of.

The former owners kept a record of yearly professional maintenance and monthly filter changes. The service program transferred to us, and we kept up with it. We have the same HVAC company handle the regular upkeep. Every fall, a licensed technician comes to the house and thoroughly inspects, cleans and adjusts all of the various components. Any worn or broken parts are replaced. Any buildup of contaminants within the inner workings is removed. Wires get tightened and moving parts are lubricated. Because of this, we’ve had only minor issues with the furnace over the years. It has continued to provide a reliable source of heat every winter. With temperatures well below zero in our local area, the heater is very important. Our cold weather typically lasts for a minimum of six months and the furnace easily manages the heavy workload. Every year, the technician who services the heating system warns me that it won’t last forever. He recommends that I look into the advantages of a modern furnace and consider scheduling a replacement. I realize that the newer models offer higher efficiency ratings, better safety features and all sorts of conveniences. I just hate to give up on a perfectly good heater. I know that I shouldn’t wait until the furnace fails and get stuck attempting to have a new one installed in the middle of a January blizzard. I certainly don’t want to be left without heat. However, I’m also reluctant to invest in a replacement.

Heating and cooling equipment

Watch for deals

I decided to finally stop looking at living spaces near me, plus go a little bit farther.

For the past 6 weeks, I have been eagerly eyeballing modern listings plus modern apartments almost everyday. I could genuinely afford basically any of them right now, but I am quite picky, plus wasn’t going to settle for any old apartment on the block. My parents have been legitimately supportive, plus are helping me rapidly choose between furnished rentals when I am unsure. After I spot a few apartments located near me that I like, I go plus book an appointment to take a tour of them. Often, I find that I leave disappointed because they fall short of my standards. There are a lot of local houses near me that are nice as well, but homes are more pricey to rent, plus I honestly love to start off with affordable apartments. I have also come across plenty of quality furnished homes for rent, but I don’t genuinely care for the decor, I love to choose my own taste in furniture. So really any venue I do choose, will really not be a furnished and highly short term rental. Another couple of weeks went by, plus I felt myself growing almost distraught with my failure of finding the perfect venue. I decided to finally stop looking at living spaces near me, plus go a little bit farther. This is when my personal luck begins to improve. A venue that was almost an hour from where I currently lived, was actually particularly beautiful. It was the first temporary housing venue that I finally could say was beautiful.
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The printing that matters for us

I had a job in the company office at a local boat marina. My task duties include answering the company iPhone, taking messages, filing licenses in addition to boating paperwork, light cleaning, in addition to creating fliers in addition to notices to post for varying important reasons. Occasionally these fliers are put on the docks to notify boat owners of our normal holiday closures, cleaning dates, in addition to other pertinent announcements. Every one of us around here also care about to make announcements when someone is having a birthday. Unfortunately, since it’s a marina there is water everywhere. For a good while I was printing everything on a traditional color printer with bare paper. I kept angrily finding my signs destroyed from water exposure. It was frustrating when I would often put out announcements in the day only to find them soggy by the day. My boss said that he’d try to pay for a digital color printer that does waterproof printing if I could find a few new price quotes from the companies that make them. After I searched the internet, I found digital color printers that feature waterproof printing. There was a little bit of back and forth, but before too long my boss made the decision in addition to every one of us ordering a new waterproof printer from Arrow. It’s strenuous to beat their job in addition to quality control with their printers for commercial use in addition to industrial use. I seriously care about having the ability to make permanent signs that won’t get destroyed by the harsh elements.


Cheap printing

My father decided to take off to make wooden furniture

When I was 10 years of age, my father took off for parts unknown.

My mother must have seen it coming, because she didn’t seem too miserable by it.

Instead, she took over sole parent duties, and life went on pretty much the same. It wasn’t until years later, when I was graduating high school, that I heard from my father again. He actually sent me a card with money in it, telling me how proud he was of me. It turns out he had run off to a community of artisans to make handmade furniture with his secret girlfriend, who was now his wife. He invited me up to visit them, and see the studio where he made custom built furniture. It was very strange, although I am enthusiastic I went, mostly because I came away with some of the most breathtaking wooden furniture I have ever rested my eyes on. At least I can see if my Dad ran away for a deranged reason. He certainly did it better than anyone else could have, because his handmade furniture was selling in local galleries for a great deal of money. It was thousands of dollars all for simple but charming wooden tables, chairs, and living room sets. What was essentially rustic, traditional woodlabor had been elevated, and now was thought to be very lavish high end furniture. Making this custom built furniture was a big section of the life Dad felt he needed to live. I don’t really know if his giving me a lot of handmade wooden furniture earns my forgiveness, but it’s not such a terrible start.

Grand european retreat