My shoes were soaked by the end of the day

A lot of people think the worst time of the year to be a repair technician is summer, but I happen to think that it is the spring.

We get crazy rain storms during the Spring and I have to work when it is raining, it’s snowing, or hot outside.

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is like, because I have to brave the elements. It has rained five out of seven days every week for the past month. Monday’s rain was so hard that the streets were flooded in less than an hour. The rain fell so hard that it didn’t have a chance to soak into the ground. I was working on a heat pump and air conditioner repair on the morning that the rain occurred. I had on a pair of sneakers and they were soaked after I went to retrieve one part from the truck. The part for the air conditioner was exactly what I needed, but the wet sneakers were a real pain in the butt to deal with the rest of the day. My feet were cold and wet and my shoes were uncomfortable. Every time I took a step, I heard a slushie, wet, and squeaky sound. I should have gone home to get an extra pair of shoes, but none of my HVAC repair jobs that day put me on that side of town. It is a reminder to have a second pair of sneakers in the truck for these types of situations. The rain is only going to get worse as the spring season progresses.

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I had to take a quick nap before going to the repair

The last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy and the work has taken a toll on my body.

I haven’t been sleeping very well and I have been taking a sleeping aid at night before I go to bed. It still doesn’t help very much. Yesterday I had an AC repair in the morning. I barely kept my eyes open on the way to the job. For some reason, I was incredibly tired and I was having trouble staying awake for the first time in a long time. I finished with the AC repair and then I was supposed to go to a tune-up. I decided to stop at a gas station on my way to the job. I grabbed an energy drink and a couple of bags of mixed nuts. I drank the energy drink as soon as I got outside and I started eating the nuts. Nothing seemed to work, because I still couldn’t keep my eyes open. I found a parking spot on the back side of the gas station and I put my car in park. I set an alarm on my phone for 10 minutes later. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up when the alarm was ringing. I had only slept 10 minutes, but I felt incredibly fresh and ready to go. The rest of the day was smooth with no trouble at all. I don’t know if it was the energy drink or that 10 minute power nap, but I felt incredibly refreshed the rest of the day. I have to tell my boss that I need a couple of days off in a row. I’ve been working nonstop with only Sundays off and it’s definitely time for a break.



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I found the old video in the back of my repair truck

Last month I went to the video store to rent a movie for the kids and they tried to tell me that I owed late fees for a movie that I returned months ago.

I remember the movie very well, because my wife gave me the box and asked me to return the movie on my way to work. I stopped at the movie place and I dropped the Box off in the morning drop off box. I gave all of this information to the guy at the counter. He still refused to rent any DVDs or movies until I paid the late fees or cleared up the problem. The guy wanted me to pay almost $80. There was absolutely no way I was going to fork over that kind of cash for a $15 movie that was terrible. I knew that I returned that movie, but I didn’t have any proof. This week I fell on the job and bruised my leg badly. The boss told me to take it easy on Friday. He let me stay back at the office to wash and clean my vehicle. The truck hasn’t been that clean in years. I took everything out of the AC repair truck so I could clean all of the floors. When I removed the backseat, I found the video on the floor. It was the same video that I swore I had returned. I honestly thought I returned that movie and I was embarrassed when I found it in my work truck. I threw it in the garbage immediately and got rid of the evidence.

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Only three more weeks or long haul driving

I got my long haul driver’s license a couple of months ago. I have to complete 200 hours of road and service work before I can work independently on my own. I have been working for a delivery service that handles commercial HVAC supplies. Most of the time I have a regular route from the east coast to the West Coast. I pick up from a distribution warehouse and I drop off at several locations along the way. I’ve been handling the same route for the past three months and I am really looking forward to trying something new. I haven’t worked very hard, but I think this job is rather boring. Other than driving to deliver the HVAC parts, I don’t have much to do during the day. I don’t even have anything to do with the parts that are loaded onto the truck. I have to sit inside of the cab at all times. I’ve been quite lonely, but I only have three more weeks of long-haul driving left and then I will have my choice between a lot of different jobs that can pay the bills and make me happy. There is one particular company that I would like to interview with. They are not in the HVAC industry at all. The company is a beer delivery business that mainly handles products in the southeast part of the country. I would be home for work every single weekend instead of only seeing my family once every other month like I am doing now. I know my wife would absolutely enjoy having more time together and that is honestly one of the biggest reasons why I am looking forward to finishing this part of my training.

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The winner of the race will get two weeks of extra paid vacation

I absolutely don’t want to hang around outside if it isn’t necessary.

My boss is sponsoring a charity race and everyone in the office was encouraged to sign up. The boss gave each person a paid day off if they ran in the race and the person with the best qualifying time from the company earned a 2-week bonus of extra paid vacation time. The deal was too good to pass up and every one that wasn’t a smoker hopped on the bandwagon. I didn’t think I would actually be able to win, but I knew I had a good chance of doing well. I decided to go to the gym 3 times a week to run on the treadmill. I could have run at home or in the neighborhood where I live. It is absolutely safe and there are security guards roaming the neighborhood at all hours of the morning and night. The only reason I didn’t choose to workout at home is due to the hot and humid temperatures. It is the middle of May right now and it’s 90° or warmer every single day. I absolutely don’t want to hang around outside if it isn’t necessary. On the day of the race, I won’t be accustomed to the warm temperatures, but I will still have the same stamina as all of the other people out there. I look forward to seeing how my time will be when backed up against others from the office. There is one person in particular that I would really like to beat. The person is one of the most attractive people in the office and everyone stares at her when she walks into a room.

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The HVAC business provider had a little carnival

In fact, the place I used is probably one of the cheapest places in town and this competitor is easily going to beat those prices

A new HVAC service provider just moved to town and started a business. I have to be honest. The business owner is a little intimidating. To celebrate the grand opening of the HVAC repair center, the owner of the business had a carnival in front of the building. The HVAC business provider had a petting zoo, rides, games, and a number of different food vendors like funnel cakes, caramel apple pie, fudge, and taffy. I didn’t know what to say when I found out about the carnival. I am a small business owner myself and I definitely don’t have the capital to have such an extraordinary event to celebrate the start of a new company. I sincerely hope that people in this town aren’t fooled by the low low prices. There is no way the prices will last and continue to stay this low. The company won’t make money if those are the prices that they will continue to charge. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how all of these low prices affect the other companies in the area. I saw some advertisements from the HVAC provider. The tune-up service. They offer tune-ups $30 cheaper than the tune-up service. I just got from a reputable provider in town. In fact, the place I used is probably one of the cheapest places in town and this competitor is easily going to beat those prices. There’s something fishy going on and I know that the low prices won’t last forever. As soon as the little guys go out of business, they will raise the prices on every service they offer.

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The bank basement was really warm and humid

Down in the bank basement, we keep all of the safety deposit boxes that are never picked up.

Believe it or not, this type of thing happens frequently.

Sometimes the owner of a safety deposit box passes away and there is no one that knows about the contents of the box. There are also a handful of people that buy a safety deposit box simply to hide or stash items that they don’t want to be found. Every other year a bank teller has the job of cataloging the contents of the safety deposit boxes that are in the basement. It was my job to catalog these boxes and take pictures. I came to work on Saturday and I was here with the rest of the bank tellers. I had to work downstairs by myself and there is no Central AC in the basement. There is a large ventilation fan. When the fan is running, it is very difficult to hear anything going on in the bank. In the event of an emergency, the ventilation fan would definitely keep me from being properly alerted of a problem. I honestly don’t like to use the ventilation fan. It doesn’t seem to help very much and I feel that it is more of a risk than a reward. Without central AC, the temperatures often hit 90° in the basement. Even though there is a natural sense of climate control, it can still be warm, humid, and stuffy. I hate being a person selected to catalog the boxes. I would rather spend my Saturday at home with the air conditioner running and my feet up on a chair in front of me.


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A window AC unit was the final touch on my home gym

About a year ago I decided I wanted to get rid of my gym membership and get myself a home gym.

So I started getting all the stuff I would need to have a good home workout session.

First I decided on the place, and that was the garage. I cleaned out the garage and got rid of all the excess junk that no one uses and was able to make a lot of space. My husband agreed not to park the car in the garage so I can have my own gym. I spent the last year getting all the different pieces of equipment that I would want. Plus I got a new floor crying because the old floor was just Summit. Once I got all that done, I decided that I really needed to have some decent Heating and Cooling. I thought I could just add the garage onto my central heating and cooling system that we have for the house. I figured all we would have to do was hook up some new ductwork and put the ducts out into the garage and that would be all there was to it. Unfortunately, when I called the heating and cooling company, they sent out their AC technician, and he told me that the HVAC system that we have for the house is not adequate for another big room. It turns out that certain sized AC units can only heat and cool a certain size house. I realized that, of course, but I did not realize that the system we had was already maxed out and could not provide air conditioning for the garage which after all was another three hundred square feet. He gave me another option, which was a mini split air conditioner. I have to admit I thought the mini-split AC was quite amazing, but I decided to go with a simple window air conditioner. It’s just a simple little AC unit, and it’s just perfect for my little home gym.



Getting your AC air filters via subscription service

One of the simplest things anyone can do to take care of their heating and cooling system is to regularly change the AC air filters.

If you do not change the air conditioning filter, think about what happens.

The air filter is there to take all the gunky stuff that is in the air and prevent it from going into your air conditioning system. It is in the section of the HVAC unit that sucks in the internal air from your house. That air goes through the air conditioning system and comes out the other end as cooling when your AC is on. If your not regularly replacing your AC air filter, it becomes clogged. That means that your air conditioning system has to work that much harder to get air into the system like it does. It also means that your system is less effective at pulling the contaminants out of the air. That means you are more likely to be breathing them in and you will be more likely to have breathing problems or things like headaches and runny noses. I say all this because I learned about a new service recently. My daughter was always one to forget to change the air conditioning filter. She didn’t do it on purpose, but she travels a lot for work and would often just lose track of how long it had been since she had put a new AC filter in. That is when she discovered she could order her air filters through a subscription service. Every two months the service sends her a new AC filter. She uses the fact that it arrives at her front door as her reminder to put in a new air conditioning filter. I thought it was probably quite expensive, but it turns out that it’s only a few dollars more, and trust me, if that’s what it takes to get you to put a new AC filter in the little slot, it is worth it.

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Getting acquainted with a heating and cooling company is a must for new homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time In someone’s life.

It really is a lot of fun to get your own home and be able to do whatever you want to 2 it.

People who have rented for quite some time know that even if you hang a little nail in the wall to hang a picture, you are going to get in trouble from the homeowner. What most new house happy folks don’t realize, though, is that there are a lot of expenses and a lot of responsibilities to owning your own home. There are the more expensive aspects of home ownership and the less expensive aspects of home ownership. For example, it doesn’t cost all that much to paint and fix up the bathroom. But it costs quite a hefty amount to replace the heating and cooling system. That means it is very important to take care of your HVAC system so that it will last you as long as possible. Every new homeowner should get in touch with a local heating and cooling company and get acquainted with them. Let’s face it, if a company is overworked or really busy and they have to decide which customers to serve, they are likely to serve the ones they know better. This can come in handy when it’s a hundred degrees outside and your thermostat is keeping your AC from turning on. In addition to Simply meeting the HVAC folks, it is a good idea to figure out if they have an annual HVAC service agreement. It makes good sense to get a heating and cooling system tune-up once a year or every couple of years, and HVAC companies will often offer contracts for just that purpose. The annual Heating and Cooling maintenance and repair contract generally provides some types of HVAC service and a few other perks such as being first in line when a repair is made. It is often a good idea to have this as a sort of insurance against too much damage to your HVAC system.


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