I was lucky to find a secure and private space for my customers

It’s hard trying to find an affordable supplier area to rent in our town as the real estate market rebounds.

I had an enjoyable location downtown for more than five years, however our rent kept adjusting every single time I signed an up-to-date lease.

When it had jumped by 60%, I decided to go somewhere else. I own an outdoor recreation store, plus both of us had a lot of foot traffic coming in from the beach at the end of the road. Unluckily I had to pivot plus focus on freshwater fishermen after moving away from the city. On the bright side, I found a big building with a sizable parking lot plus secured an annual mortgage payment that costs less than our rent in the city. I expanded our selection of camping plus hunting components plus managed to bring in an up-to-date wave of shoppers that had never seen our store in its previous iteration. Profits from the first year were so great that I abruptly started looking for ways to make improvements to the property. I painted the building, put on an up-to-date roof, upgraded the heating plus cooling system, plus repaired the interior floors throughout. The last space of our improvement project involved landscaping outside. I hired a landscaping supplier to lay sod plus plant shrubs plus flowers in varying locations.The last thing I did was hire a commercial fencing supplier to put up a big very white vinyl fence around the entire property. I’m hoping to have enough money in the next few years to build an archery plus firearm shooting range adjacent to our existing building. For now I want the fence to give our shoppers a bit of privacy while splitting back on noise from the highway.

Folding Gates

Music helps with my workouts

If I don’t have access to my music, I don’t workout.

Without music, I have no motivation.

I pretty much accomplish all of my regular tasks to a soundtrack. No matter what I am doing, I prefer to have music playing. I have set up custom playlists for almost everything I do. I have a special playlist for driving, working in my home office, doing yard work, cooking and relaxing. Music is a big part of my life. When it comes to exercising at the gym, running or getting any kind of workout, I have an upbeat list of songs. My gym includes a team of personal trainers who are on the floor at all times. They help people out, make sure everyone has proper form and provide a source of encouragement. This is really helpful, but I don’t need a personal trainer to motivate me. I blast music and have no trouble focusing on the workout.I usually spend Saturdays and Mondays weight lifting. I have a set lifting program that I follow on those days. I determine what areas I need to focus on and only require assistance from a personal trainer as a spotter for heavy lifts. I can do everything else alone. There are a lot of group workout classes provided at the gym. Some of them look interesting. I have considered tying yoga at some point. I doubt I’d be able to use my earbuds during yoga classes. I might eventually try it out. For now, I will stick with my regular workout programs.



Group Physical Training Classes

Thinking of joining a gym

For a few years I worked as part of a lawn crew.

  • After that, for a few more years, I ran my own crew.

In this area of the country, the weather is extremely hot for about 6 months out of the year. A long-term career on a lawn crew is very hard work. It requires very physical labor and long hours in the worst possible conditions. It is a young person’s job. I reached a point where my body could not handle the job any longer. Now I work at a desk, and my body is not happy with the sedentary lifestyle either. For the first time, I am considering signing up at a gym. I don’t like how I feel physically at the moment. I don’t know anything about how to create and follow a workout program. For so many years I got more exercise than I could handle every single day. Working on those hot days, being at the mercy of the elements, chopping grass and trimming hedges was very demanding work. The high humidity in my area made it feel like working in a sauna. By the end of the day, I’d feel completely worn out and ready to go right to sleep. I’ve learned that quality sleep is a key to personal health and wellness. All of sudden, I was not getting the same amount of exercise, and it was affecting my sleep. I am hoping a regular trip to the gym might be the answer. I’m getting too old to work on a lawn crew. I need to find an alternative that provides the right kind of exercise to improve my health.

Workout planner

Trying to get in better physical shape

I figured that my problem with my weight was caused by drinking alcohol.

I looked up how many calories there are in whiskey. I had never thought about it before. I drank a lot of whiskey. Other than that, I was fairly careful about what I ate and drank. I stuck with mostly water and avoided soda and juice. I ate lots of salads. I couldn’t fathom why my weight and my blood pressure kept rising. It took me a while to realize the booze was to blame. I thought that by cutting down on my alcohol consumption, I would lose weight. Unfortunately, the weight didn’t go away. I then joined a gym. I wasn’t overly thrilled to sign up for a gym membership, but I had to get rid of the weight somehow. I knew exercise was necessary. The workouts were rough to start with. I noticed there is a bar located right across the street from the gym. While lifting weights in the front area of the gym, I can actually see the entrance to the bar. This was not helpful to my determination to get in shape and stop drinking. Because of that, I switched to a different gym that isn’t situated near a bar. I had better luck focusing on my workout program. After a couple of weeks, I felt so much better, both physically and mentally. I decided to try and drink in moderation and see how it affected my workout program. I was worried about jeopardizing the progress I’d made at the gym. However, I missed having a beer once in a while. I hoped to be able to balance it with the rest of my lifestyle. I want to keep in good physical shape, but I also want to be able to relax and enjoy my life.
Gym membership

Focusing on my health

I want to look good. It is important to me to stay fit and trim. However, that isn’t why I workout. I have never had an issue with my self image or confidence. Even when I was at my heaviest, I felt good about myself. In our current culture, looks are most important. I refuse to focus only on appearance. Getting into shape was a health concern for me, and not so much about being beautiful. I feel good about myself. I have confidence. Working out at the gym doesn’t validate me in one way or the other. For me, working out is all about focusing on my health. I know that an active lifestyle will help to prevent illness, injury and promote better quality of life over the long-term. I believe the first step on the road to wellness is a nutritional program. Eating right is good for the body. Healthy foods are the fuel for a healthy body. The next step is a workout program. Even just walking and stretching are beneficial. Exercise partners with the nutritional program to elevate energy and strength. All the exercise in the world won’t help all that much if someone is filling their body with empty calories. Another factor is a good night’s sleep. The body and mind need to rest. Sleep is the foundation for good health and wellness. Although I don’t have a gym membership, I have a home gym with basic equipment. I make sure to include stretching, strength training and cardio exercise. I target all the different muscle groups, work on balance and range of motions, get my heart pumping and make my lungs work. I do everything I can to be strong, healthy and fit. This leads to a positive outlook and greater happiness.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Not thrilled with going to the gym

My friend Susan has a forging station set up in her carport. She invested into a small forge and had it shipped all the way from Europe. She bought a whole bunch of metalworking tools as well. The set up is really cool. Susan can take a railroad spike and hammer it out. She can grind it down and turn it into a knife. The work is labor intensive. It is very physical, but Susan just loves it. She has gradually gotten really good at it. I bought a couple of the knives she’s created. Susan hasn’t been to the gym in months, and yet she seems to be in the best shape of her life. She is getting plenty of exercise, and she is focusing that energy into creating things. I admit that I’m rather jealous. After a month at the gym, I am not sure what I’ve accomplished other than paying my fees. After a month at the forge, Susan has completed a series of amazing blades. I am not someone who loves going to the gym. I exercise strictly to prevent putting on weight. I am not lucky enough to have a metabolism that keeps me thin. Taking a week off from the gym adds up to excess pounds settling into my hips, thighs and belly. I am really interested in forging. I think the ability to create something new from something old is especially cool. I also like the idea of physical labor. Instead of paying gym membership fees, I could put that money into buying equipment. I could get my exercise by working on a project.

Workout planner

Personal trainer helps me to lose weight quickly

I really got into shape for the sake of my career. It was a lucky accident that I now enjoy the benefits of healthier living. A few years ago, I was not the same person I am now. Not only has my size changed, but my whole appearance. I had a very long and messy beard at the time. I wore baggy clothes that were often dirty. I truly didn’t care about my appearance. Then my band got hired for a major gig at an outdoor music festival. I realized I had a few months to make improvements. I decided to exercise and get into better physical shape for the show. I realized that appearance does make a difference in the acceptance of a crowd. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I signed up at the gym and found a personal trainer to work with me. I figured getting the help of a professional was the quickest way to reach my goals. I am not a fan of exercise. I needed expert guidance on what type of workout program would maximize results as quickly as possible. I learned that a personal trainer is extremely knowledgeable. She was able to not only design a workout plan but help with my eating habits as well. She insisted that my food intake was fuel for the body and would greatly impact my progress. I admit that I noticed a big difference when I started eating healthy. I also realized very quickly that losing weight and toning muscle is hard work. However, I immediately liked how it made me feel. I suddenly had a lot more energy. I felt good about myself. It made me set new goals and become determined to achieve them. I couldn’t have made these changes in my life without my personal trainer. I have been so impressed with the short term results so much that I’ve stuck with the same personal trainer ever since. I continue to improve, and I love feeling healthy and strong.


Group Fitness Training Classes

Competing with sibling on weight loss

My brother and I are currently competing in a battle of fitness. Mark lives on the other side of the world. He and I don’t see each other very often. However, our bond is tight. We are actually identical twins and have a link that is unlike most siblings. We talk on Facetime nearly every day. During the quarantine, we were both unhappy with how much weight we gained. Mark insisted that he could lose the weight anytime he wanted. Of course I insisted I could get in better shape quicker than he could. Mark signed up for an online cross fit training class. According to him, it was especially high impact and promised fast results. To prove that I could keep up with him, I chose a different route. I decided to start a yoga class and weight training instead. I will admit, the cross fit was great for my sibling. Within six weeks, Mark had lost a ton of weight. On my workout program, I’d lost zero pounds. Physically, however, I felt better than I had in a long time. Instead of giving up on my approach, I stuck with daily yoga routines. I kept up with my weight lifting exercises. In the second month of doing cross fit, my brother hurt his knees due to all the high impact exercise. He was forced to take a few weeks off from his training. He started putting some of the weight back on. My yoga and weight lifting combo were finally starting to pay off. I noticed weight loss and muscle toning. I felt stronger and gained range of motion and flexibility.



Custom wood chairs were the next thing we wanted.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful our custom dining table was.

The smaller dining table looked identical and my father joked that it was like our dining room table had a baby.

I immediately began looking for the right wood to have the captain chairs made. The custom-made table turned out perfect, and we wanted chairs to match. The captain chairs had to be first. We thought about having simple, but ornate arms and legs. The chairs had to be high with a simple headrest and padded seat. My husband thought that since we were having custom furniture made for the dining room, we were going to have exactly what we wanted. When he said he thought a dragon’s head at the top of the headrest would be perfect, I shot him down. The woodworker laughed at his suggestion and the upholsterer chuckled. He wanted to know if we wanted dark leather or a contrasting color to the wood? My husband said he wanted the leather to be dark brown, regardless of the wood. We were so happy to see that our custom wood captain chairs were finally being made. The woodworker asked us if we wanted the same design on the straight back chairs. I knew I wanted a curve in the lower back, and the legs had to be claws at the bottom, the same as the table and captain chairs. I left the rest up to his expertise, but they had to be much simpler than the captain chairs. Our wood chairs and tables were to be like none other. No one would have wood furniture that could match ours.


Handmade chairs

Meal delivery partnered with exercise to lose weight

I feel really good about my progress

I have tried to stick to a healthier diet. I’ve bought healthy ingredients at the grocery store and made smaller portions. I always ended up cheating on the diets. It is nearly impossible to resist the temptation of snacks and sweets. I can’t say no to cheese and pasta. I enjoy trying new recipes and I love going out to eat. The portions at restaurants are always much larger than I should eat. I’ve learned that a meal delivery service is the best solution for me. It’s an easy means of controlling portions, counting calories and ensuring a balanced diet. I did some searching online and located a meal delivery service that concentrates on weight loss. I filled out some information, including my gender, age, activity level and goal weight. I was provided a personalized meal plan. I go online to access my specific menu of options. I simply click on the items that sound good and select my meals for the week. I have signed up for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. There are lots of choices, including vegetable dishes, fish, chicken, beef and pork. The order arrives at my door, neatly packaged, labeled with the ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. The meals simply need to be baked in the oven. The meals are delicious. The portions are a little small, but there’s enough to fill me up. I like that I don’t need to get groceries or plan my meals. The best part of the service is that I have access to personal training. I workout with a personal trainer four times per week. The exercise is super strenuous. Partnering the workouts with meal delivery service has led to significant weight loss. I feel really good about my progress. I am losing weight, getting healthier and getting in shape.

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