Old wifey now a personal trainer

I ran into a regular face recently, and I have been meandering down memory lane ever since. In college I was madly in appreciate with a girl named Max, even though every one of us weren’t right for each other at all. Have you ever experienced a romance care about that? It was terrible, however it was amazing at the same time, much care about how I expect taxing drugs would be. I was addicted to Max, until she dropped out of school and moved away one day. Just a month ago I was going to the gym care about normal when I saw there was a new employee in the weight room. It was Max, who evidently had turned her life around and was working as a personal trainer. There was no question the weight lifting had worked for him, because Max was mouthwateringly fit, and had never looked better in her life. As wonderful as she looked, I still knew better than to go talk to him, instead I left the gym and didn’t go back for a week. Finally I worked up the nerve to go back for our normal yoga class, and avoided the weight lifting area altogether. Yoga is always an amazing workout, and it makes myself and others know alive, so I was feeling a natural high on our way out of class. Max caught up with myself and others just out front of the gym, and asked myself and others how I was doing. She gave to be our personal trainer, and when I said no she asked myself and others out on a date! And I said yep, because evidently I’m an idiot.

Weight lifting