Invested in landscaping and raised the value of the property

When I made the move to sell my parents’ property, I contacted a fencing plus landscaping dealer to make some necessary changes outside.

The property has an absolutely big property plus there are a good amount of trees that surround the property.

I basically wanted the trees trimmed plus the branches cut back. I also was hoping to have some flowers planted plus mulch laid down. My partner plus I looked at numerous interesting landscaping companies. Many of the places had excellent reviews. There was a place that had a 5-star rating with only two negative reviews out of 126. I reached out to the landscaping dealer to make an appointment. They came to the property to supply me a free consultation plus estimate. The cost for trimming all of the trees was approximately $5,000 plus the cost to landscape the property with flowers plus mulch was just as expensive! Since the landscaping dealer came with nice reviews, the people I was with and I made the choice to hire them to do the work. When the people I was with and I had our property appraised in May, the appraiser told us that the people I was with and I could get $195,000 for the property. After all of the Landscaping changes were done, my partner plus I reached out to the property appraiser again. This time the property appraised for $223,000. My partner plus I only spent $12,000 to make the changes, plus we were able to improve the property by twice as much money. The first pictures we posted online of the property happened to be all of the landscaping changes. The pictures showed the pressing size of the property plus all of the amenities on top of that. After multiple days, the people I was with and I had more than 100 SMSs about the property.
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