I had to make our own home gym

Moving so far out into the country was not our idea, however I had no choice in the matter.

The condo itself was legitimately nice, located on 400 acres of wide open land… Quite attractive, actually, however I still didn’t want to leave the city behind.

I had a lot of friends at the time, and a actually active social life, so this felt care about a awful decision. After I got settled in, I found that I liked the country life more than expected. There are still a lot of things I miss about the city, and the fact there isn’t a proper gym for 50 miles is a bummer! Let myself and others do the math for you – that is a 100 mile round trip, almost two hours of drive time, every time I want to go to the gym. That is simply not happening, so I looked into setting up a little home gym on our property. I am committed to staying healthy and being fit, however I simply cannot invest that much time into driving to the gym. If I can’t go to the gym, I have to bring the gym to me. I got a basic weight lifting bench and a few dozen weights, and I also set up a heavy bucket for punching and MMA style workouts. I found a stair stepper and a treadmill, so this little home gym is legitimately starting to come together! Even though the home gym is in an ancient work shed I managed to rig it up with electricity, air conditioner, and a sound system.
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