He’ll try to heal his body using this method

The body heals from injuries when you rest it while applying cold and heat cycles. Tom wants to heal his shoulder using this method since he injured it the other day and is in a lot of pain. He plans to fly to Poland to get it operated on because they have superb surgeons there and charge about 25% of what it costs in the states. His heating repair job is on the back burner for now because Tom can’t move his left arm much. He’s a fast healer normally, so Tom just needs to stick to the protocol of rest and heat/cold cycles and he will heal. He wants to do this until he can get the surgery or some kind of physical therapy on it. Tom usually works on heating and cooling equipment at the local dealer. He will resume doing so when he returns from Poland. However, now he’s going to focus on getting this shoulder fixed once and for all. Tom has injured it over and over, so now it’s time to get it repaired so he can keep playing volleyball. The heating company where he works already emailed him back and said that they would keep his spot there for as long as Tom needed to heal. They have been so superb to him and Tom is ecstatic that they’re going to keep him on board while he’s getting the surgery.

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