My workout takes an hour

For me, a thorough workout takes approximately an hour.

I start with a warmup.

I tilt my head back and forth, look left and right and then circle my neck in both directions. I rotate my shoulders forward and backward. I then swing my arms in a clockwise and counterclockwise circle and then circle my hands to warm up my wrists. I move on to the lower body, bending my knees, shifting my hips side to side and touching the floor with feet apart and legs straight. I hit both lunge positions and stretch out my calves. I bring my feet together, keep my legs straight and place my hands flat on the floor. I slowly walk my hands out to the push up position and then walk them back in again. Once I’ve loosened up all of my various joints, I lightly jog for a couple of minutes to get warm. From there, I head into high intensity cardio. Most days, I jump rope for approximately half an hour. This burns calories, works my heart and lungs and gets a good sweat going. I follow with some weight lighting, squats and lunges. I sometimes include static hold. I elevate one leg and hold it parallel to the floor for a minute. I might also maintain the plank position for a minute. I usually leave abdominal crunches for last. I target both upper and lower abs with different types of situp positions. I finish with a deeper stretch that includes splits on both sides.


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