My family is trying to control my life

Last month I had a fairly serious fallout with my brother and my father.

Being the youngest in the family, and my brother being the oldest, meant that he felt he had the right to tell me when I was correct about things or wrong.

Unluckily, my father will back him up in his opinion of what he thinks of what I happen to be doing! I am just about 20 years old, and I feel that I have the right to make my own decisions whether they are actually correct or wrong! So during this past week when they ganged up on me, all I could think about was if it was possible to divorce your family members! All I wanted to do was to go to school and be a Heating and A/C appliance professional. I did not want to join the family business. I did not have the desire to have to do the same thing as my older sibling did. I did not want to have some person dictate what I did with my life… That was what my brother and my father seemed to want. I don’t even know the amount of times I wished my mother was still alive so I had someone to talk to about what they were doing. I was sure that she would be on my side. Until then, I am going to continue my studies and attend school for Heating and A/C. I also have particular plans to go on to college, and take being a Heating and A/C Tech to brand new heights. I want to be able to design Heating and A/C appliances that are both economical to use and fantastic for the environment. I guess neither my father nor my brother understand where I am coming from but Heating and A/C is the best move for me.