Getting in shape for my wedding

Two years ago, when I got engaged to be married, I was at least ten pounds overweight.

I’d allowed my sedentary lifestyle to lead to unhealthy habits. I was snacking at my desk, eating a lot of fast food and no longer working out. By the time I arrived home from work in the evening, I didn’t feel like doing much besides sitting on the couch, watching television and having a glass of wine. Since I had a year to get in shape before the wedding, I assumed it would be no problem. I figured I could manage to lose the weight on my own. I tried making changes to my diet and going for runs but didn’t accomplish much. I lost a couple of pounds and ended up with sore knees and feet. I then decided to join a gym. I was conscientious about working out at the gym several nights per week. I got some results from the combination of cardio and strength training, but not enough. I started getting worried that I wouldn’t be ready for my special day. I noticed a flier on the bulletin board advertising the services of a personal trainer. Calling the personal trainer made all the difference. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life. The sessions were grueling, and I was tempted to quit. However, it didn’t take long to drop weight and start toning my muscles. With the help of the personal trainer, I felt good about myself at my wedding ceremony.

Group Physical Training Classes