Creating a home gym with the help of friends

When the COVID lockdown was first implemented, I realized I needed to make some changes.

I decided to convert my garage into a home gym.

If I was going to be stuck inside for any length of time, I needed a means of keeping fit and healthy. When I talked to my friends, I realized we were all in the same situation. After discussing all of our various concerns and needs, we agreed that we could work together and turn the garage into a complete home gym we would all then share. I have plenty of space in the garage and a complete sound system, which got us started. However, I needed more fitness equipment. Combining our resources, my friends and I managed to put together a really great area for weight lifting. We invested in a weight bench, dumbbells, hand weights and kettlebells. All of us also added a treadmill and an elliptical for cardio training. Some smaller equipment, such as a yoga mat, jump rope, wobble board and resistance hands helped to complete an enjoyable and well-rounded setting to target an all-around workout. We were careful to schedule our own times to use the home gym. Although there is enough space to accommodate enough people at once, we were trying to be conscientious about the restrictions of Covid. There is an attached bathroom that allows people to workout without ever needing to enter the house. Now that restrictions have eased up, we have started to workout in the garage together. It’s been a really great investment and beneficial to my whole group of friends. We chat while we workout and motivate each other. We hold each other accountable and enjoy friendly competition.


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