Became an HVAC professional rather early

I graduated high school way back when I was only 14 years old.

After graduation, I decided to go to university… You cannot imagine the experience being 14-years-old and sitting in university classes with 18, 19, and 20-year-olds! By the time I actually became 18, I not only had a university degree, but I also was getting an advanced degree in Heating plus A/C machine technology and design.

I was barely 20, when I went to the local Heating plus A/C machine contractor and asked if they would supply me with an apprenticeship. The owner of the HVAC contractor offered me the whole thing about how I had to get my Heating plus A/C machine certification and that I needed to take odd classes in order to get that certification. I sat there basically just smiling and I told him I had taken care of everything, and he looked at my paperwork and he said ‘but you’re not even 20 yet’. I guaranteed him that I was relatively close to being 20 but that I had all my certifications and I was also a university grad that had the advanced expertise and a degree in Heating plus A/C technology and design. All I truly needed was the experience of particularly working a Heating plus A/C task so that I could earn my Masters and be a Heating plus A/C machine specialist. I’m not sure if the owner of the Heating plus A/C contractor believed what I was saying, so I brought all of my paperwork with me to prove that I wasn’t lying. He seemed delighted to welcome me into his Heating plus A/C machine contractor. In two years, he is hoping that I become a Heating plus A/C machine contractor, and that I should actually work for his contractor.

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