Trouble with HOA as they insist on HVAC system change

It’s funny how absurd grown people can be over such trivial matters.

It’s as though life plus death hang in the balance over some of the most mundane stuff.

And what’s going on with me plus the HOA over my heating and A/C equipment is a superb example of that sort of dynamic. I’ve always been a rules follower with a few youthful exceptions. There is a place for rules andd regulations in our mankind for sure. The way I look at it, if you agree to play by the rules then it’s your obligation to do just that. However, there is also space for considering the impact of those rules plus just how far to go in enforcing them. That is what I’m dealing with as the HOA is threatening all sorts of fines plus other penalties with regard to the heating and A/C equipment outside of my home. The problem is that the heating and A/C cabinet is becoming weathered plus sun bleached. So what was once a softened yellow is now barely even yellow. Yet, 1 would actually have to look close to notice. And what’s more, 1 would practically have to sit in my yard to see the heating and A/C cabinet. And yet, the HOA is making all these threats as it violates the spirit of the heating and A/C equipment rule. My heating and A/C equipment is barely more than nine years old plus the HOA wants me to replace it. I told them that wasn’t going to happen however offered to paint it back to its original color. That is still not acceptable to them. So I simply instructed them that any further contact could be done through my lawyer.

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