Nothing could have prepared me for the harsh reality of living in my own house

He gave me some tips on how to tighten up our home for Winter

Living in apartments our entire adult life didn’t absolutely prepare me for some of the absolutely substantial parts of homeownership. When it was cold I just cranked the thermostat as well. The same thing went for when it was summertime and when I was hot. The thing is that all those apartments had HVAC equipment that was old or not entirely up to the job. Plus, the volume of air was far smaller as well as not as fancy when it came to heating as well as cooling. But when I got our first house, I learned right away that heating a home could be a rather expensive endeavor. That first year, our gas furnace nearly broke the bank heating our house. And it still never seemed all that toasty overheated either. This was confounding as the previous owner had replaced all the HVAC equipment prior to closing. I wondered if he had cheated and if we got junk HVAC. So I called the HVAC company to come check out our gas furnace as well as the rest of the HVAC equipment. To our surprise, the HVAC equipment was not the problem at all. The HVAC worker let me know that the HVAC unit was in good shape and that it was of great quality. All of us walked around our home with a temperature gun for a while. The HVAC specialist told me the problem was with our house. There were too many spots that were letting in cold air as well as letting the heating out. He gave me some tips on how to tighten up our home for Winter. The minute Winter was so different. So much warmer as well as nearly 40 percent cheaper on heating costs.

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