Trying to get in better physical shape

I figured that my problem with my weight was caused by drinking alcohol.

I looked up how many calories there are in whiskey. I had never thought about it before. I drank a lot of whiskey. Other than that, I was fairly careful about what I ate and drank. I stuck with mostly water and avoided soda and juice. I ate lots of salads. I couldn’t fathom why my weight and my blood pressure kept rising. It took me a while to realize the booze was to blame. I thought that by cutting down on my alcohol consumption, I would lose weight. Unfortunately, the weight didn’t go away. I then joined a gym. I wasn’t overly thrilled to sign up for a gym membership, but I had to get rid of the weight somehow. I knew exercise was necessary. The workouts were rough to start with. I noticed there is a bar located right across the street from the gym. While lifting weights in the front area of the gym, I can actually see the entrance to the bar. This was not helpful to my determination to get in shape and stop drinking. Because of that, I switched to a different gym that isn’t situated near a bar. I had better luck focusing on my workout program. After a couple of weeks, I felt so much better, both physically and mentally. I decided to try and drink in moderation and see how it affected my workout program. I was worried about jeopardizing the progress I’d made at the gym. However, I missed having a beer once in a while. I hoped to be able to balance it with the rest of my lifestyle. I want to keep in good physical shape, but I also want to be able to relax and enjoy my life.
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