Thinking of joining a gym

For a few years I worked as part of a lawn crew.

  • After that, for a few more years, I ran my own crew.

In this area of the country, the weather is extremely hot for about 6 months out of the year. A long-term career on a lawn crew is very hard work. It requires very physical labor and long hours in the worst possible conditions. It is a young person’s job. I reached a point where my body could not handle the job any longer. Now I work at a desk, and my body is not happy with the sedentary lifestyle either. For the first time, I am considering signing up at a gym. I don’t like how I feel physically at the moment. I don’t know anything about how to create and follow a workout program. For so many years I got more exercise than I could handle every single day. Working on those hot days, being at the mercy of the elements, chopping grass and trimming hedges was very demanding work. The high humidity in my area made it feel like working in a sauna. By the end of the day, I’d feel completely worn out and ready to go right to sleep. I’ve learned that quality sleep is a key to personal health and wellness. All of sudden, I was not getting the same amount of exercise, and it was affecting my sleep. I am hoping a regular trip to the gym might be the answer. I’m getting too old to work on a lawn crew. I need to find an alternative that provides the right kind of exercise to improve my health.

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