Not thrilled with going to the gym

My friend Susan has a forging station set up in her carport. She invested into a small forge and had it shipped all the way from Europe. She bought a whole bunch of metalworking tools as well. The set up is really cool. Susan can take a railroad spike and hammer it out. She can grind it down and turn it into a knife. The work is labor intensive. It is very physical, but Susan just loves it. She has gradually gotten really good at it. I bought a couple of the knives she’s created. Susan hasn’t been to the gym in months, and yet she seems to be in the best shape of her life. She is getting plenty of exercise, and she is focusing that energy into creating things. I admit that I’m rather jealous. After a month at the gym, I am not sure what I’ve accomplished other than paying my fees. After a month at the forge, Susan has completed a series of amazing blades. I am not someone who loves going to the gym. I exercise strictly to prevent putting on weight. I am not lucky enough to have a metabolism that keeps me thin. Taking a week off from the gym adds up to excess pounds settling into my hips, thighs and belly. I am really interested in forging. I think the ability to create something new from something old is especially cool. I also like the idea of physical labor. Instead of paying gym membership fees, I could put that money into buying equipment. I could get my exercise by working on a project.

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