Music helps with my workouts

If I don’t have access to my music, I don’t workout.

Without music, I have no motivation.

I pretty much accomplish all of my regular tasks to a soundtrack. No matter what I am doing, I prefer to have music playing. I have set up custom playlists for almost everything I do. I have a special playlist for driving, working in my home office, doing yard work, cooking and relaxing. Music is a big part of my life. When it comes to exercising at the gym, running or getting any kind of workout, I have an upbeat list of songs. My gym includes a team of personal trainers who are on the floor at all times. They help people out, make sure everyone has proper form and provide a source of encouragement. This is really helpful, but I don’t need a personal trainer to motivate me. I blast music and have no trouble focusing on the workout.I usually spend Saturdays and Mondays weight lifting. I have a set lifting program that I follow on those days. I determine what areas I need to focus on and only require assistance from a personal trainer as a spotter for heavy lifts. I can do everything else alone. There are a lot of group workout classes provided at the gym. Some of them look interesting. I have considered tying yoga at some point. I doubt I’d be able to use my earbuds during yoga classes. I might eventually try it out. For now, I will stick with my regular workout programs.



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