Focusing on my health

I want to look good. It is important to me to stay fit and trim. However, that isn’t why I workout. I have never had an issue with my self image or confidence. Even when I was at my heaviest, I felt good about myself. In our current culture, looks are most important. I refuse to focus only on appearance. Getting into shape was a health concern for me, and not so much about being beautiful. I feel good about myself. I have confidence. Working out at the gym doesn’t validate me in one way or the other. For me, working out is all about focusing on my health. I know that an active lifestyle will help to prevent illness, injury and promote better quality of life over the long-term. I believe the first step on the road to wellness is a nutritional program. Eating right is good for the body. Healthy foods are the fuel for a healthy body. The next step is a workout program. Even just walking and stretching are beneficial. Exercise partners with the nutritional program to elevate energy and strength. All the exercise in the world won’t help all that much if someone is filling their body with empty calories. Another factor is a good night’s sleep. The body and mind need to rest. Sleep is the foundation for good health and wellness. Although I don’t have a gym membership, I have a home gym with basic equipment. I make sure to include stretching, strength training and cardio exercise. I target all the different muscle groups, work on balance and range of motions, get my heart pumping and make my lungs work. I do everything I can to be strong, healthy and fit. This leads to a positive outlook and greater happiness.

Personal Fitness Trainer