Custom wood chairs were the next thing we wanted.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful our custom dining table was.

The smaller dining table looked identical and my father joked that it was like our dining room table had a baby.

I immediately began looking for the right wood to have the captain chairs made. The custom-made table turned out perfect, and we wanted chairs to match. The captain chairs had to be first. We thought about having simple, but ornate arms and legs. The chairs had to be high with a simple headrest and padded seat. My husband thought that since we were having custom furniture made for the dining room, we were going to have exactly what we wanted. When he said he thought a dragon’s head at the top of the headrest would be perfect, I shot him down. The woodworker laughed at his suggestion and the upholsterer chuckled. He wanted to know if we wanted dark leather or a contrasting color to the wood? My husband said he wanted the leather to be dark brown, regardless of the wood. We were so happy to see that our custom wood captain chairs were finally being made. The woodworker asked us if we wanted the same design on the straight back chairs. I knew I wanted a curve in the lower back, and the legs had to be claws at the bottom, the same as the table and captain chairs. I left the rest up to his expertise, but they had to be much simpler than the captain chairs. Our wood chairs and tables were to be like none other. No one would have wood furniture that could match ours.


Handmade chairs