Competing with sibling on weight loss

My brother and I are currently competing in a battle of fitness. Mark lives on the other side of the world. He and I don’t see each other very often. However, our bond is tight. We are actually identical twins and have a link that is unlike most siblings. We talk on Facetime nearly every day. During the quarantine, we were both unhappy with how much weight we gained. Mark insisted that he could lose the weight anytime he wanted. Of course I insisted I could get in better shape quicker than he could. Mark signed up for an online cross fit training class. According to him, it was especially high impact and promised fast results. To prove that I could keep up with him, I chose a different route. I decided to start a yoga class and weight training instead. I will admit, the cross fit was great for my sibling. Within six weeks, Mark had lost a ton of weight. On my workout program, I’d lost zero pounds. Physically, however, I felt better than I had in a long time. Instead of giving up on my approach, I stuck with daily yoga routines. I kept up with my weight lifting exercises. In the second month of doing cross fit, my brother hurt his knees due to all the high impact exercise. He was forced to take a few weeks off from his training. He started putting some of the weight back on. My yoga and weight lifting combo were finally starting to pay off. I noticed weight loss and muscle toning. I felt stronger and gained range of motion and flexibility.