Unusual solution for the exercise problem

I’ve been working as a part time farmhand for about six months now, and I love it! This is going to sound crazy to you, but hear me out and maybe you will learn something.

When I turned forty last year, it hit me pretty hard and I had what you would call a midlife crisis.

As the song says, I was middle aged and crazy, and got very obsessed with my appearance. The problem was that I wasn’t rich, so I couldn’t do typical midlife crisis stuff like buy a car or join up with a fancy gym. By working as a farmhand I get up at the crack of dawn, and then spend to two three hours engaged in intense exercise. You ever think back and realize you haven’t seen a lot of fat cowboys, that’s because life on the cattle farm is hard exercise. I get paid for it, too, so as my physical fitness keeps improving, and my muscles get stronger, I’m also earning a little more money for my pocket! Two evenings a week I still take yoga classes, and they are more important now than ever before. All this heavy lifting and hard labor wears me out, and yoga helps me find my center and soothe my aching muscles. I know this job won’t last forever, because while the exercise is great, eventually I am going to get tired of getting up so early. After that, maybe I will have enough money stashed away to pay for a fancy gym membership and a proper midlife crisis.

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