Maintenance leads to buying a new air conditioner

I am rather handy and like to take care of household upgrades, maintenance and repair.

I have an extensive set of tools and am always working on some type of project.

I save a great deal of money by handling the tasks that would normally require a professional. For the first five years that we lived in our house, I saw to the upkeep of the air conditioner and furnace. We had no problems with the equipment. Every fall, I’d take the heating system apart and clean and adjust all of the components. In the spring, I’d turn my attention to the cooling unit. Then my wife read some article that recommended professional service for the air conditioner. It said that without the specialized cleaning and tuning of a licensed HVAC technician, there could be mold growth. The article warned that the air conditioner could be polluting the breathing air every time it started up. My wife insisted we hire professionals to service our air conditioner. I figured it was a waste of money but couldn’t hurt anything. The technician came to the house, took the air conditioner apart and spent about an hour working on it. After he left, the air conditioner ran for about 30 minutes before it quit and wouldn’t start back up. I looked it over but couldn’t get it running again. We had to call for repair and then the contractor told us the system needed to be replaced. We got a second opinion and were once again told that the damage to the unit was so severe that it was better to replace it.



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