Have you ever heard of Goat Yoga?

Adjusting to small town life has been difficult, but I guess that is exactly why I came out here. Having lived in the big city for so long, that was all I knew. I was getting older, balder, fatter, and not getting any happier. When I saw a chance to get a job in this small town, some hundred miles away from the city, I impulsively went for it. I needed a total change of scenery, a fresh start in a whole new place, and that is what I got. There isn’t as much to do out here, and the town is so small the only gym they have is a converted machine shop behind the junkyard. Now I might not have gone to the gym as often as I should back in the city, but I still went once or twice a month. Admittedly, when I went to the gym it was never because I felt like it, I was just trying to assuage the guilt I felt for continuing to pay for the gym membership. But now that I was out here, I suddenly wished I had that old gym. I doubt the machine shop offered yoga classes, or crossfit training, although if I’m being honest I don’t have the energy for crossfit and never will. Oddly enough, outside the machine shop gym was a flier for a local goat farmer who was also a yoga teacher. She offered Goat Yoga classes, on her farm, where the little baby goats would climb on you as you posed. Sounds fun!


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