Getting my cousin into the gym with me

My cousin Matt has always had a bit of a weight problem.

I’m being kind here, because I love him, but when he was a kid he had a bit of a weight problem.

As he got older he got bigger ,and now he is nothing short of morbidly obese. I worry about him a lot, and want to help him make some changes in his lifestyle. At the same time, I can’t force him to care about that sort of thing, and he either has to want to lose weight, or I can’t help him. Every morning I take a long walk, so I’ve started stopping by Matt’s house to see if he wants a little exercise. If he can start with something small, like a walk around the block, maybe I can ease him into more and more exercise, or at least physical activity. One time I took him to the gym with me, but it wasn’t to work out. He had bad chest congestion, so I took him in as my guest to use the wet sauna they have at the gym. They actually have a wet sauna and a dry sauna, but more than anything I just wanted to show Matt the whole place. It was another way to try and coax him towards physical fitness, just by showing him the amenities this gym has to offer. He actually seemed kind of interested in the weight training room, but at the time he wasn’t up to trying it out, and he has never been back since.


Personal Fitness Trainer