Adding a ductless split system to older home

My house is extremely large and very old.

It includes approximately 3,000 square feet of living space.

However, it is divided into a lot of fairly small rooms. There is not enough supply and return vents to make the heating and cooling system totally effective. Those rooms that are exposed to afternoon sunlight tend to feel overheated. The bedrooms on the second floor are difficult to cool down in the summer. The living room tends to be chilly in the winter. With a single thermostat, it’s impossible to target specific areas. I looked into zoned control but the system is rather outdated and won’t accommodate this type of upgrade. I then researched the possibility of a ductless mini split system to supplement our centralized heating and cooling. A ductless system is extremely compact and can be installed without tearing into walls or ceiling. The HVAC contractor had the entire system implemented and operational within a single afternoon. We have an outdoor air compressor that is linked to eight separate indoor air handlers. The air handlers are lightweight, with a slim profile and mounted up high on an exterior wall. Each one features an independent thermostat, which provides for zoned control. The temperature in the room can be personalized to preference or occupancy. Because the ductless system includes inverter technology, it can automatically adapt speed to changing conditions for consistent temperatures and outstanding energy efficiency. It costs very little to operate such a small system and yet it provides exceptional comfort, dehumidification and air filtration. I like the ability to adjust temperature settings through an app on my smartphone.



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