Don’t be savor me, leave the Heating in addition to A/C repairs to the pros

My parents raised me in a beach house where if there was a problem, it was up to you to find the solution. That is absolutely a superb thing to teach your teenagers in addition to I live by that in numerous ways this week. However, there are times when you simply have to ask for help as part of that solution. I would be great if there was a way to solve everything on our own. But that just isn’t realistic. Occasionally, solutions come in packages that all of us are slow to recognize. This is so legitimately true for me. I will go out of our way to seemingly avoid solving a problem in the most obvious fashion. What just happened with the Heating in addition to A/C is a great example of that happening. This desire to solve stuff on our own just rally came back to bite me. It was late fall when I made our first mistake. Normally, that is the time when I have the Heating in addition to A/C people come out to inspect in addition to repair the furnace for the upcoming winter. This year, I decided that I would forego the Heating in addition to A/C visit in addition to spend the cash on other stuff. My thinking was that the furnace had been took care of every year since all of us installed it so why not take a year off. That is legitimately fractured in addition to flawed logic. Anyway, right around the end of November, the furnace simply shut down a single night. My brain instantly through up a flag in addition to ordered our hand to dial the Heating in addition to A/C people. My ego overrode this order in addition to I went to have a look at the Heating in addition to A/C myself. Of course, this turned disastrous. What would have been about a hundred dollar repair turned into something closer to a thoUSAnd. That’s why you call the Heating in addition to A/C professionals for help.



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Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C filtration as well as purification ensures your family’s health

Once I had kids, it all changed for me.

The fact that I was abruptly responsible for these little people really had an impact on my perspective as a whole.

It was also a immense change with how I viewed my own health as well as fitness. I got rid of the motorcycles. The couch surfing, budweiser drinking in the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C comfort of my residing room was greatly reduced as well, i started eating better as well as getting more consistent exercise habits instilled. The results were that I felt better physically than I ever had. But, I went a step further. I came to understand that the indoor air conditions is so vital in maintaining superb health. That meant some swings were due for the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. I started by dumping the cheap Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C air filters. They did nothing to protect our health however were designed to protect the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C. So, replaced as well as spent some cash on the HEPA type Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C air filters. This was a no brainer that I should have happened a long time ago. The HEPA type air filters entirely filter the air. They are able to trap as well as remove more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. The change was noticeable. All of us all felt better. This motivated me to go 1 more step as well as install a whole home media air cleaner. This thing is entirely actively cleaning the air by killing micro organisims in the air. I think 1 thing for sure. With the combination of top notch Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C filtration as well as purification, our indoor air conditions is about as superb as it gets.



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My brother doesn't listen to me

One trait that I absolutely hate is when people don’t listen to you at all.

I can deal with this with strangers, since it’s one encounter and then I never have to see them again, but when it comes to family it’s incredibly annoying. My brother is one of those people. For some reason, he has always had the idea that he was above the law, and rules just don’t apply to him. He has gotten in trouble so many times, and ended up in jail because of this. Sadly, it hasn’t taught him anything, it instead just gave him something to brag about. Well recently his girlfriend broke up with him after she found out he was experimenting with drugs, so he decided crashing at my place for a night would be fine. I didn’t mind that much, but I was keeping my eye on him, because I knew how he was. Well one of the drugs made him hot, so he kept fiddling with my air conditioner. I told him specifically not to mess with my A/C, because it makes my house feel chilly inside, and that’s not how I like it. My brother being the oh so good listener he is, decided to mess with the cooling device and still turn it down as much as possible. He got to about 68 degrees before I stopped him again. I was getting tired of being taken advantage of, so the next time I saw him messing with my heating and cooling system, I told him straight up that he would be sleeping on the streets tonight if he continued messing with the HVAC component. Thankfully, he stopped after that.

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Some people just can't be satisfied

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that some people can’t be satisfied.

Some of my clients are some of those people.

I work in an office that specializes in graphic and website design. I have an office where my clients can schedule an appointment, and I work with them to build the website they dream of. While I expected some people to be more picky, there are some that are annoyingly picky. I will show them different templates that they can choose from, and they will choose one, we will get halfway done, and then they will change their mind and go with a different one, and I will have to erase my progress. Then with the new template we will go back through the same progress, and guess what? It turns out the customer was wrong and now they want the original template back, it’s very annoying. But this time I had a customer who was picky in another way, she was picky about the heating and cooling device in my office. While I pride myself on having an efficient HVAC system, apparently the temperature I had set in my office was not to her satisfaction. As soon as she arrived, she asked about the cooling system, and to turn it off because it was too cold. I did as she wished, and not 20 minutes later she asked for the A/C to be turned back on since it was now too warm. She probably did this another 3 times, with me being interrupted with helping her build her website and getting up to fumble with the HVAC machine so it meets her needs. She didn’t even decide to build a website with my company, which is incredibly annoying.

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Visited my in-laws last week

I visited my in-laws last week, which wasn’t a fun trip.

I don’t mind my in-laws that much, they’re decent people, it’s more of how particular they are on some things.

If one or two things don’t go their way, they will pitch a fit. Even my wife is embarrassed by their behaviour. So, while I don’t mind going out with them, they usually make it dreadful and embarrassing with their antics. Here’s a few highlights from our trip to give you a better idea. One, the hotel we were promised to stay at was supposed to have a heated pool, but unfortunately something was wrong with the heating unit. So, there was my mother in law, in her bathing suit, screaming at the receptionist who looked afraid. Next was when we arrived at a packed 5 star hotel. First there was a long wait, also with my mother in law sighing heavily and complaining about how some people weren’t eating fast enough. Then when we did get our food, they got my father-in-law’s food wrong, so he sent it back 7 times until it was right. I’m sure his food was spat in. Last was when we finally got back to our hotel, only to discover the HVAC unit won’t turn on. Both my in laws completely lost it, and bolted downstairs just to go back and scream at the helpless receptionist. My wife and I just shook our heads. A HVAC professional wasn’t going to be out til tomorrow, and they were giving us a discount because of the broken A/C, but that wasn’t good enough. Cue about 30 minutes of pure complaining and swears to leave a bad review. Apart from this, they’re good people, but I really wish they wouldn’t do this.

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Leaving the AC on while out of town

We were rushing around the house, trying to get everything in order to prepare for our month long vacation.

We had waited a long time for this trip, and wanted to make sure everything was taken care of at the house before we left.

We had neighbors with spare keys who were looking over the house, but there were still things that needed to be done. When we checked all of the doors and windows to ensure that they were locked, we were on our way. I was not sure if I had left my curling iron on, so I went back upstairs to double check. When I walked back down and past the thermostat, I had realized that we forgot to turn the AC up. This would not have been a huge problem had we left it on the whole time, but it would cause our energy bill to be more than it needed to be. Like my dad says, there is no reason to cool an empty house. Same thing goes with the heat in the winter. We always make sure to turn the temperature up before leaving town in the summer. We always make sure to turn the heater off when we are not home. There is one good thing about this. We recently installed a smart thermostat that allows us to control the temperature of the house no matter where we are located.


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Trouble finding the best temperature control for my pet in winter

During winter, I use my thermostat more than is necessary because it’s like I can never find the ideal indoor temperature.

But this time was different, and I didn’t think ahead.

Just before winter, I adopted a kitten to keep me company. It adjusted well but when winter started kicking in, I realized that every temperature control adjustment I made on my HVAC equipment affected my kitten. So I immediately called a cooling and heating company to tell me more about air conditioning and how it affects indoor pets such as mine. The a/c professional I spoke to over the phone didn’t know much about that, except for HVAC brands and ductwork that he kept explaining to me about like I was interested in buying or upgrading my AC. So, I went online and contacted a different local contractor who asked for more information about my ductless HVAC, if it was an aged or new air conditioning, whether I had a programmable thermostat, and the age and type of my pet. He convinced me not to panic because there’s little difference in body temperature between us and cats so it should be able to cope eventually. I wasn’t quite convinced so I connected with a new contractor whose sentiments were also similar. That was a relief but I made sure to book for a/c tune up before calling the technician in for a/c service after the winter season. In the meantime, I kept implementing the energy saving tips so as not to use too much heat.

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The school assignment focusing on different HVAC brands found in homes

Last week I helped my daughter with her homework that focused on efficient usage of energy in private homes.

It was the first time that week I actually got interested in a topic that was dear to me.

Often her assignments are environmentally based and her elder sister takes on such since she’s an advocate for better living in harmony with nature. So during the weekend before she submitted her assignment the following week, we took time to brainstorm on the best approach to handle the assignment. My first advice was to list the number of homes to be targeted, the size and design of the homes, and the number of occupants. Our second and main focus was to identify the possible types of HVAC brands commonly found in private homes. The subcategories included the manufacturer, models, nature of each HVAC equipment such as ductless HVAC or includes the ductwork, the purpose for each, and the efficiency capacity when it comes to temperature control. To ensure we covered everything, I called the a/c professional who does my a/c service to confirm the serving periods and interval needs of a/c tune up for most models. With the questionnaire complete, we both set out to gather the information from residents. Some were kind enough to mention when they bought their new air conditioning, others spoke about the efficiency of energy saving tips from their systems and the kind of agreements they have with their local contractors. Once we were done for the day, we paid one last visit to a cooling and heating company to pick their mind further on the subject, and we were introduced to a new contractor who told us more about air conditioning. That was it for us.


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Alternative to costly HVAC equipment in a tiny house

I have always wanted to travel the world but not by hopping from hotel to hotel.

  • I wanted a more practical way that enables me to have the maximum experience but without a schedule that restricts me.

So I bought a double cab and paid off a practical tiny house that sleeps at least 2 people. I wanted the house as tiny as possible and have the best insulation I can get. I had no intention of installing any new air conditioning such as a ductless HVAC and obviously, no ductwork was considered. To ensure I was doing the right thing, I hired an a/c professional to advise me if a heated floor would do or a portable HVAC equipment depending on the available and suitable HVAC brands. With no AC installed, his advice was to have enough windows and proper ventilation for temperature control to allow free flow of air and use heated floors for colder days or nights. Just to be sure I also sought the advice of a new contractor and they seem to have the same thoughts. Two months later, my tiny house was ready and I was out on the road testing it with a local contractor on board. He was from a cooling and heating company I have been buying equipment from and I wanted his opinion about the situation with my choice to go without central AC. He liked my idea and observed the little a/c service or a/c tune up needs I’ll have. So I just needed to keep learning more about air conditioning tailored for tiny houses so that I can get energy saving tips that can help me in future.

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Portable HVAC equipment saves me additional operational cost on camping

I go camping at least once every 6 months.

The last time I went out camping I made a mistake that I’ll not forget soon.

I typically like camping in the summer so that I get a chance to go bike riding, hiking, or kayaking. My camping gear is always intact and never leaves the car. So the last time I was out camping, I couldn’t find a camp that offers readily plugged portable HVAC equipment. The 3 nights I had were quite cold but nothing compared to the daytime heat I went through. Anyway, having learned my lesson, I got myself a ductless HVAC for any eventualities. Not all HVAC brands are conveniently portable and it took me a while to get an ideal one for my tent. Without the help of an a/c professional from a local cooling and heating company, I’d still be up and down trying to get one. Now I value my temperature control more than ever when I am out camping and if new air conditioning keeps releasing better portable models, I’ll always be on the lookout to see if I need an upgrade. They are quite practical and need no ductwork so even without the help of a new contractor if I visit a new place, I can easily fix it myself. The good thing is that a/c service is not necessary frequently so I just do a little a/c tune up as and when necessary by visiting any local contractor around where I am. Wherever I am, I also take time to learn more about air conditioning and apply best practices on energy saving tips that much the weather around me. So far it’s been fun.



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