ADA compliant at last

With the COVID19 pandemic going around more and more things are being done via remote access.

All of our employees have been now working from house since April.

Both of us have even hired two new employees without even meeting them face to face. That was the case with John, our new tech guy. He is entirely fast and superb and an excellent asset to our team. He worked from his own house for several weeks before he had to come to the office for some in-office work. That was when we discovered that John is confined to a wheelchair. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that our office is not actually wheelchair friendly. I know it legally has to be but the issue had never come up so we never did anything about it. Needless to say there was a lot of apologizing when poor John came to the office because he couldn’t get through the front door. He ended up having to go back to his own house and we instantly looked for a construction business that could make our office building totally ADA complaint. Many of the construction companies we called could not come out for several weeks. That would not do so we kept calling until we found a construction business that would come out in a few afternoon. They added a ramp to the front door, made the washrooms wheelchair accessible, and fixed up a few other things we had not even considered. Now that we are completely ADA compliant and John can do his work, john seems to be apologetic for causing us to get all this construction work done even though he shouldn’t be. It definitely is not his fault. In fact, it is our fault. Both of us should have done this a lot sooner.



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I wish I was getting a new house

When I was growing up I knew this local couple who got divorced but still lived on the same property. The wife lived in the main home with the many kids and the ex-husband lived in a little bachelor suite multiple feet away. Apparently this arrangement worked out pretty well for them. Even as a kid, I thought this was a strange arrangement; Unfortunately, I am going through my own divorce currently and this arrangement is sounding better and better. My wife and I are superb friends but terrible at being fiances. Both of us have 30 acres of ranchland and we still want to be able to raise our kids as a couple. The only problem is that we don’t have a hour home on our property. Both of us decided it would be far cheaper to have a home constructed than it would be to each pay a separate mortgage note so we hired a building business. They came out and surveyed the land where we want to construct our soon-to-be ex wife’s house. Than she told them exactly what she wanted: just a little 1 bathroom home with all the amenities of home. The building suppliers estimated us a sufficient price quote and we agreed to it. They begin work in a month and the home should be complete by the end of the year. This is fantastic! I suppose we are lucky that we can still get along like this. It is far better for the kids and far better for our finances. However, I have to say that I am a bit jealous. I kind of wish I was the 1 getting the brand name house built by professional suppliers. This outdated home needs some repairs. Maybe after the building suppliers are done with the house I’ll have them make some repairs on the old and outdated house.


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No red flags from construction and remodeling suppliers

So no red flags so far and it looks like the room addition will be completed in about a week’s time

My aunt Flo had the most terrible experience with the handyman she hired to remodel her home. He took the full payment right up front but took forever to do any sort of work. Finally, he stopped working at anything at all and she couldn’t get in contact with him. She ended up having to hire a second remodeling business just to come out and finish the job. That is why I was a bit apprehensive when our hubby and I decided to have another room built on our house. I talked to our aunt and she said that she received that it is best to hire a licensed construction and remodeling business. It may seem like a handyman would be cheaper but that did not turn out to be her experience. I live close to a thousand miles away from our aunt Flo so I couldn’t just hire the construction and remodeling business that Flo had used. Otherwise I would have. Instead I started looking online for superb reviews then we asked our friends in the area. Finally we settled on construction and remodeling suppliers that have simply stellar reviews and come with a few personal recommendations. The foreman came out and gave us an adequate price estimate and then they got to work. Apparently it is not legal for them to ask for the full payment before the work is completed so I’m cheerful the construction foreman didn’t ask this from us. So no red flags so far and it looks like the room addition will be completed in about a week’s time. These men work unquestionably fast and also efficiently.

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Contractors are building strip mall unquestionably fast

I have been entirely impressed with the building suppliers next door.

Let myself and others preface this with saying that I was entirely nervous when I had found out that the lot that had been sitting vacant for some years was going to be turned into a shopping plaza.

That is because we live right besides the vacant lot. I was so, so tired of all of the raccoons and snakes coming from the untested lot but I was just as nervous about the building suppliers who would be making a big mess and that I would have difficulty getting into our own home. Nothing could be further from the truth. The building suppliers have been unquestionably professional and courteous. There are of course loud noises being made as the buildings go up but that can’t be helped. They have confined the debris to the lot they are now working on as well. And, I have never once not been able to get into our home or driveway. I have to say that I am dinner impressed with the speed they are now working as well. It has only been a couple weeks since they began and it already looks like they are halfway finished. Every time I come house from work they have built new walls, put in windows, or done something else that seems like it would take weeks. How does it only take them a few hours? At this rate the suppliers should have the entire strip mall built in another week. Two more at the most. I can’t wait to see what kinds of shops open up here. I hope they open up 1 of our number one fave restaurants.


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This recliner is much prettier

Finally, the chair creation is currently underway plus will be ready in time for our spouse’s anniversary

For our spouse’s anniversary I believe I am going to get him a custom recliner. I don’t like recliners plus how they often look in a house. For years our spouse has begged myself and others for 1 in the living room. She knows she can’t buy 1 since I wouldn’t allow it in our home, then old school recliners are usually big, not that comfortable plus legitimately ugly. I am doing a custom chair for her since I can have the builder make it the way I want it. My spouse also insisted she wants features on her recliner that I need to hide. For weeks the local custom builder plus I went back plus forth on how the chair can have a set cup holders but not look as if it does. The cupholders are in the arm, but you have to push into the fabric to carefully create the holder. If there is no drink, there is no indication there are cup holders at all. I also went into detail on how wide plus long the foot rest can pop out rapidly. The size of the chair, material plus shape was a sizable discussion too. The local furniture builder plus myself spent weeks going back plus forth. Finally, the chair creation is currently underway plus will be ready in time for our spouse’s anniversary. I am excited to see exactly how the final product looks. I assume the builder plus I have together decided on a brand new chair that will look nice to myself and others plus feel nice for our spouse.

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Get a good opinion first

There is a reason both of us have designated experts in certain fields.

  • Not almost everyone can do every single job.

There are a wide assortment of people with the expertise plus skill that surpass you in certain areas. My dear sister works in SEO plus creates websites. More often than not buyers start sitting down and telling him how their website should look. They usually end up creating a horrible website with too many colors, strenuous to learn fonts plus 1 that does not function well for the user. They ignore all our sister’s advice plus so they end up with a bad product. I personally am an interior designer plus I suppose our craft. I suppose what theme each home should be in the end. I also suppose what colors to use plus how to tie them in. I look at every available detail down to the wall plates plus curtain rods. I try to make locales less weird and eclectic plus more modern like. I also work with a custom furniture builder. I have him build brand new pieces when I assume the space needs it. Occasionally there are slanted ceilings, extremely small rooms plus certain circumstances that demand a custom table, chair or strange end table created. Most people when they call for interior design help are open to just about anything I say. The two of us work around budgets plus timeframes in order to get the home they dreamed of. Every now plus then I get a customer demanding a weird style that doesn’t have the bones for it. Or I get a lady demanding all new custom furniture that does not need it. Those people certainly end up spending more plus not getting as nice of a final product.
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It’s a bit addicting, actually

After I got divorced I decided to go a little wild with my home.

  • No, I didn’t go out to the bars plus start dating boys much younger than me who lived at the house.

I decided that I was going to buy plus do things that I have personally always wanted to do. My ex-spouse was extremely cheap. When both of us got together and moved into our house, I wasn’t allowed to make updates on it. I got stuck with horrible yellow walls plus old grey carpet. I also got used appliances plus furniture our spouse’s entire family didn’t want. Now that she is gone plus not monitoring what is spent, I am carefully making our lake home the way I want it. The first thing I did was paint our walls a very nice soft grey plus rip up the carpets to do marble floors. Then I contacted an interior designer to ask for assistance. My ex would have freaked out if I wanted to call for interior design ideas from a professional. The lady is just amazing though. I have poured over all her themes plus listened to her available ideas. Her plus I both agree the home should be a classic elegance theme. I will eventually have mainly pale whites plus greys in the house. The high end furniture will be a bit swirly, curly plus elaborate looking. I also am getting a free custom made piece for the home. I want a custom couch that is right for our height. I also want a custom bed frame nowadays since I am ordering a greater bed.


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It wasn’t fun learning that bumble bees sting people

When I was a small kid I used to sing a song about bumble bees.

  • Our teacher taught it to us, however at the end of the song the singer gets stung by a bumble bee.

Our teacher easily told us that bumble bees don’t sting. Only honey bees and wasps do. And I believed her when I was young… Every time I sang the song I would skip the end of the song where the singer is stung by a bumble bee because I believed my teacher! That was basically until I was 12 years of age and I found a little bumble bee walking on the sidewalk. She was totally cute and fuzzy and I thought it would be a cool thing to pick her up and put her on a flower. That was when I had to learn that bumble bees do in fact sting. I got stung bad and it hurt immensely. It turns out that the female bumble bees sting. The males do not. So our teacher was at least half right anyway. I just wish I hadn’t learned that the brutal way. Recently I got stung by a bumble bee again! I was walking barefoot on our shrubbery when I felt a horrible pain in my heel. When I looked I found a half squashed bumble bee. And now I am seeing all kinds of bumble bees all over our shrubbery. Apparently they live in holes in the ground and our yard is overwhelmed with them. I am going to have to get some assistance removing the bumble bees. I don’t want to get stung again… However, getting stung did remind me of the song I used to sing back when I was a youngster. But now, I sing the last section where the bee decides to sting the singer.

Bee rescue

I learned the tough way that bumble bees sting people

When I was a child I regularly used to sing a song about bumble bees. Our preschool professor taught it to us! At the end of the song the singer gets stung by a bumble bee. But our professor told us that bumble bees don’t sting in the least. Only honey bees & wasps do. And I believed her for quite some time. Every time I sang the song I would skip the end of the song where the singer is stung by a bumble bee because I believed my professor. That was actually until I was approximately 12 years old & I found a little bumble bee taking a walk on the sidewalk. She was perfectly cute & fuzzy & I thought it would be nice to pick her up & put her on a flower. That was when I easily learned that bumble bees do in fact sting. I was stung in the worst way & it hurt especially bad. It turns out that the female bumble bees sting. The males do not. So my professor was still partially right anyway. I honestly wish I hadn’t learned things the tough way… Recently I got stung by a bumble bee once more! I was walking barefoot on my lawn when I felt an awful pain in my heel. When I looked I managed to find a half smashed bumble bee. And now I am seeing more & more bumble bees all over our lawn. Apparently they live in holes in the ground & my yard is totally infested with them. I am going to have to get some help removing the bumble bees. I don’t want to get stung again at all, however, getting stung did remind me of that old song I used to sing. But now, I sing the last part of the song where the bee stings the singer.



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The rent keeps rising on my small office space

I spent 15 years working for various software firms before I decided to go out on my own.

I am 36 and my plans took at least a decade longer to realize than why my teenage mind had always expected.

It’s easy to get lofty and form unrealistic dreams and expectations when you’re young and naive. It’s especially problematic for good students that aren’t used to life shattering failure. The thought that they’re gifted and naturally smarter than their peers is instilled in them by their parents and teachers alike, with myself being no exception. They often forget to teach you that failure is not only inevitable, but a necessary part of life. If you don’t get rich in a few years, you can’t tell yourself it won’t ever happen. Instead, you reformulate your expectations so they’re more realistic, or at the very least flexible. With my case, I have reached the point where I am realizing my dreams, but I wouldn’t be standing in this place today if I had given up 10 years ago. I would have never grown a business large enough where I rent out a small office space for myself and four other employees. We stay busy, but the business isn’t wealthy. Rental prices on buildings in this city are steadily rising, especially in the neighborhood that we’re in with my software business. I have considered looking for different rental units for my company’s office, but the reality is that these kinds of rental prices are consistent all throughout the city and only change slightly when you get into poorer parts of the city.

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