I’m lucky to make a good living to provide well for my family

When I was a youngster, my parents were basically broke all of the time.

We didn’t have nice things at all.

We didn’t even have a central HVAC system to keep us comfortable through the seasons. The best we had was a window A/C unit in the kitchen area, and we only used that for dinner time. We weren’t allowed to use it any other time because my parents always said that the energy bills would be too expensive. In the winter season, we just used the few fireplaces we had to keep warm, but at least we lived in a fairly warm climate where the winters weren’t very harsh. These days when I think about how things were when I was growing up, I definitely understand the struggle that my parents had to go through with trying to take care of us youngsters. It couldn’t have been easy for them. Fortunately, I have been successful and my wife is also successful. Because of this, we are able to provide everything that our children need with relative ease. We actually have a very nice central HVAC system. We always make sure to keep it well maintained by the HVAC professionals as well. On top of that, I always change the air filters with high quality HEPA air filters so that we have superior air quality. My parents are always impressed when they come to visit. They always let me know how they are proud that I made a good life for myself and my family. I always thank them for everything they have done as well, even though they believe they didn’t do enough, but I don’t believe that’s true.

Giving my sister a few energy saving tips

The other day when I was visiting with my sister, she was complaining about her expensive energy bills. That’s when I started telling her some energy saving tips that I knew about. I told her it would be a great idea to invest in energy efficient light bulbs for the summer season. I also said she could use her regular light bulbs for the winter. She asked what that would do for her. I guess it wasn’t very obvious, so I explained. I said the energy efficient light bulbs would save money on the energy bills not only because they were energy savers, but because they didn’t emit a huge amount of heating energy. This would make it so the A/C system wouldn’t have to work as hard in her home. She was amazed and couldn’t believe she didn’t know that. She was able to figure out on her own that the regular bulbs would work best in the winter because they have that extra heating energy which would make it so the heating system didn’t have to work as hard. When she asked me for more energy saving tips, I told her about blockout curtains. She seemed hesitant about this until I told her how much the rays of the sun heat up the house in the summer season. I told her the blockout curtains would save her a fortune because the A/C system wouldn’t be struggling trying to counter the heating effects of the sunrays. She decided to order some blockout curtains right away online and said she was going to install them as soon as they arrived at her home. I was glad that I could be of some help to her with a few energy saving tips.
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My buddy’s new house had an issue with poor air quality

Recently, I just helped my friend move all his things into his new house.

It was just us and one other friend, and it was a difficult move.

The good news was that his new house wasn’t all that far away. When we were finally done moving everything into the new place, my buddy finally cranked up the air conditioning. I asked him why he didn’t have the A/C system cranked up while we were moving the stuff. He let me know that he didn’t want to do that because all of the A/C would have gone straight out the door. I had to admit, that was a good answer and I might have done the same thing. The air conditioning actually felt great as we were just sitting there relaxing on one of the couches that we brought into the house. I realized that my buddy had a lot of work to do getting everything set up. There was one issue I noticed after relaxing with the air conditioning for a little while. I realized that the air quality was really bad. I let my buddy know about it and he said he was thinking the same thing. He said that likely the ductwork system had to be cleaned and he wanted to purchase a good air purification system. I thought that was a fantastic idea. I told him it wouldn’t hurt if he invested in some HEPA air filters as well. He also agreed that was a brilliant idea and he was going to do that sooner than later. We both actually ended up going to the hardware store to pick up some HEPA air filters and he arranged for an HVAC appointment the following day for the air purification system and the ductwork cleaning.


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Our friends got into a fight and left the movie early

When I went to the movie theatre with a group of friends, I was really excited to see this new action film that I had been dying to see.

Unfortunately, a couple of my friends who were in a relationship were having a quarrel in the midst of the movie.

The fight got really intense and they ended up storming out of the theatre. A bunch of us were giving eachother looks and shrugging because it seemed like none of us knew what in the world was going on. We all really just wanted to pay attention to the movie though so we waited until it was over to talk about what was going on with our friends. The movie was great, but instead of talking about the movie right away, we were talking about what happened with our friends. One of my buddies who was sitting directly next to them said he heard what they were fighting about. He said that Stacey was too cold and wanted to wear Bobby’s Jacket. Bobby didn’t want to give up his jacket and said that Stacey should have listened to him to bring something warm to wear. She was mad that he wouldn’t hand over the jacket and they got into a heated discussion until they decided to storm out of the theatre. I had to admit that they kept the A/C system cranked up, but I kind of liked that. We all agreed that we appreciated the temperature control settings in the place and figured our friends could see the movie another time. Then we started talking about the amazing scenes in the movie!


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I earn my paycheck

I work very hard at what I do. And what is that you may ask? Well, I work as an independent heating and air conditioning contractor and run my own small little HVAC business here in my area. When I got out of high school I did not go off to some several year college like most did. I went straight to heating and air conditioning school to get my certification to become a heating and cooling specialist. I had this done in a matter of months and I was ready to face the world! Opening my own heating and air conditioning business was a whole other story in itself and was not an easy task. But I accomplished it and am going very strong today. I work hard and thrive for it and that is how I was successful. I really earn my self made paycheck every single week. Sure there are some slow weeks, but they are not that slow to put me out of business. I work alone because I can not afford to hire other heating and air conditioning specialists, even though I am doing well. I am not doing that well in terms of rich to be able to have a full fledged business. The solo HVAC business I have as an independent heating and air conditioning contractor works out fine for me and this is most likely how I am going to keep it the rest of my life until it comes time for retirement. I actually love working alone and not having to manage anyone else. Doing it all yourself has such a fulfilling feeling.

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A busy day at the store

I work at a hardware store in town here and it is an ok job.

Some days are busy and some are not.

Recently though I had possibly the most busy day at this job in the 2 years that i’ve worked here! They all of a sudden decided to put HEPA air filters for central heating and air conditioning systems on sale. And because of that sale on the HEPA air filters everyone and their mothers swarmed into the store that entire week and were buying up HEPA air filters like they were food at a grocery store! I could not believe what I was seeing! By the end of each work day that week I felt like I was going to just pass out and die I was so tired. In addition to buying up tons of HEPA air filters for their central heating and air conditioning system, because they were in the store they were also buying other small things they needed around their home. Sales were great and I was running around like a crazy person helping tons of customers and checking them out with the items that they bought. It was like it never stopped from opening till closing. No breaks! And this was all because of the great sale they had on those HEPA air filters for central heating and air conditioning systems. That was a really smart business move to do that and attract customers. They could not do this forever though, because they would go broke even with that many customers. That is how cheap they were selling the HEPA air filters for.

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After a swim

In the warm summer time I love to go swimming at the local pool. Everyone there is so awesome and we have a great time hanging out. The local pool even has a club house right there where we can all relax after a great swim and hang out even more. They have great food, great games and most of all they have great air conditioning. The air conditioning is something I love to feel on my body after a great swim. There is something about the air conditioning and the way it feels after being in the pool for hours that is just refreshing and gives a nice feeling of summer. I have explained this feeling of mine to a few other people and they look at me like I am crazy. After all, it is just air conditioning right? They just don’t get it I suppose. Which is ok. Because I love the air conditioning and totally have my own feeling on it. Even when I was growing up, I used to love to come home from the beach and go into the air conditioning in our summer home back when. This is the same feeling I get when going into the little club house at the local pool with their central air conditioning. Maybe it is a nostalgia thing, maybe not. Or maybe I just have a deep appreciation for air conditioning as weird as that may sound. But never the less, I will always love the air conditioning after going swimming in a pool or hanging out at the beach.


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What is true happiness?

When you ask the question what is true happiness to people, they will most likely give you the answer saying financial security and having the love of their life.

But that’s not for me! Sure having financial security is needed to live.

But having the love of your life is not in my opinion. True happiness for me is to just have financial security and great air quality in my home! Without great air quality, I am miserable. This is why I dumped a lot of money into getting a whole home air purification system. The whole home air purification system is a miracle if you ask me. The whole home air purification system goes into your central heating and air conditioning system and comes out of your air vents with the heating or cooling. And it cleans the indoor air quality of your home making you have perfect air quality in even areas that have the worst air quality. With a whole home air purification system you can create your own little safe haven of good air quality within your home. Whole home air purification systems are not cheap by any means. However, you may be able to find an air quality company or a local heating and air conditioning company that will set up a payment plan to pay off the whole home air purification system within a few years. That is how it is affordable and how I did it. And let me tell you, there is nothing like the whole home air purification system! It makes me very happy and feel great with good air quality!


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HVAC filtration and purification ensures your family’s health

Once I had kids, it all changed for me.

The fact that I was suddenly responsible for these little people really had an impact on my perspective as a whole.

It was also a big change with how I viewed my own health and fitness. I got rid of the motorcycles. The couch surfing, beer drinking in the HVAC comfort of my living room was greatly reduced as well. I started eating better and getting more consistent exercise habits instilled. The results were that I felt better physically than I ever had. But, I went a step further. I came to understand that the indoor air quality is so vital in maintaining good health. That meant some changes were due for the HVAC system. I started by dumping the cheap HVAC air filters. They did nothing to protect our health but were designed to protect the HVAC. So, upgraded and spent some money on the HEPA type HVAC air filters. This was a no brainer that I should have happened a long time ago. The HEPA type air filters actually filter the air. They are able to trap and remove more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. The change was noticeable. We all felt better. This motivated me to go one more step and install a whole house air purifier. This thing is actually actively cleaning the air by killing micro organisims in the air. I know one thing for sure. With the combination of top notch HVAC filtration and purification, our indoor air quality is about as good as it gets.

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Giving up on bad HVAC comfort

My family and I are really into traveling. My wife and I have always loved it and now that the kids are in their teens, it’s even more fun. We simply love to explore new territory and have unique experiences. None of us are really the sit inside the HVAC all weekend type people. Even when we are staying home, we love to just get outside and do things together. However, packing up the car and setting out on a trip is really special fun for us. Flying really isn’t for us any longer. The expense and the HVAC on the planes make car travel much more viable. It’s nice too as our car has heating and cooling zones. So we can all have the HVAC temperature the way we like it. It’s great knowing the HVAC in this mode of transportation can be counted on to be fully comfortable. I guess HVAC is also primary to where we end up staying. The downtown hotels are good for being able to walk to local destinations and places of interest. Yet since we already are driving, we don’t need the central location. Plus, the HVAC in those hotels just aren’t my favorite. Instead, we choose to stay at the chain hotels just off the interstate. Not only do we get great HVAC but they are super clean and nicely priced. And really that’s all we need because we are there to adventure and see stuff. However, getting that free breakfast and newspaper in the morning never hurts my feelings.

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