I think I missed my chance again

I was really cheerful when I saw this huge Heating & Air Conditioning advertisement that said they were installing brand new, beautiful radiant heated floors for 50% off. I thought that was unbelievable. My own gas furnace was undoubtedly rather old & I knew I could use a nice heating plan like updated radiant heated floors. This was also right before the Winter season, & I thought it would be the most perfect timing. So I called up the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to arrange for this highly desired radiant heated flooring replacement. They told myself and others that they were already getting a lot of calls about this special offer, so I would have to wait a little while to be able to schedule the heated floor replacement. They took down our number to reserve our spot in line so I could get our radiant heated floors for 50% off. They said they would be calling myself and others back again the following week to make the arrangement. I certainly understood & of course I didn’t mind waiting for a little while to get our amazing deal for a new house of radiant heated floors in our life, unfortunately the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier called myself and others directly back at an awful time. By the time I was able to return the phone call, they actually said that I would have to wait another week to have our radiant heated floors installed by the pros! This was all because I missed that important phone call. I think I better not stupidly miss the next phone call to have this replacement tied up or I will legitimately have to wait again… and Winter is coming up fast!


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