I need to get places on time

Recently, I learned that I need to have a backup generator in our home at all times. This became apparent to myself and others when I woke up 1 day to a freezing house. I was shocked when I figured out what time it was & I was super late for work! I undoubtedly had an important company meeting that I had to be at & I already knew that there was no way that I was going to make it on time. I considered calling in sick, instead, but I knew the boss wanted myself and others to be at that meeting. So I did everything I could and rushed to take a boiling shower & got really, but the power was out the entire time I dressed. I figured the power would turn back on eventually & then the gas furnace would be able to kick back on. I didn’t think that our pipes would freeze or anything, but it was pretty ice cold and chilly in our home. So I rushed to task & of course I was late for our meeting. My stern boss had a talk with myself and others in his office & said that I can’t be late like that at my work, especially for such an important meeting. I apologized & explained the situation to him, including my lack of HVAC, however he said there were no excuses for that sort of behavior. By the time I got back home, our power was back on & the gas furnace was finally working fine. I knew I couldn’t let this situation happen again though so I started personally looking into odd types of backup generator systems. These systems are undoubtedly fancy to invest in, but they are worth it because they make sure everything is running, including your home Heating & Air Conditioning system.

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