I know I have it easy

My sisters have always been extremely jealous of me, that’s because I was the first born as well as I am the only boy to my parents. My parents always treated me well over the years ever since I was first born, but I suppose you could say I’m a little bit spoiled, however I like my life very well. I thought it was funny when my parents got me a nice window air conditioner component not so long ago as well as my sisters did not get window air conditioner units for their own rooms. They also had to share rooms while I had my own room all to myself growing up. It wouldn’t be appropriate for youngsters of opposite sexes to consistently share rooms anyway, but one time, a single of my sisters was saying to me how it was so incredibly unfair that I was able to have my own room with my own window air conditioner unit; For about one hour, I acted like what she was saying meant something to me. I told her she was totally right, as well as that both of us should all be treated equally. Then I made her extra irritated by telling her I was just joking as well as she was nothing however a dimwit! Okay, I know, I really know, that was easily cruel to treat my sisters like that, however I was young as well as super stupid, then when I became a little more mature, I realized that all living people easily should be respected. I ended up telling my parents that my sisters should have separate cooling devices in their room so they could be comfortable as well; Since my dear parents always listened to me, they decided to do that for my sisters. I mean, it seems kind of weird and wrong to be treated like royalty, however I don’t suppose any other way of life. I am finally learning to be more understanding though.

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