I know I have it easy

My brothers have constantly been jealous of me growing up, then that’s because I was the first born & I am the only female to our parents, and my parents constantly treated myself and others well over the years – basically ever since I was born, and i think you could say I’m a little bit spoiled, but I love our life.

  • I thought it was funny back in the day when our parents got myself and others a nice window air conditioning unit & our smelly brothers did not get window air conditioning units for their study rooms.

They also regularly had to share rooms while I had our own room all to myself. It wouldn’t be appropriate for little boys of opposite sexes to share rooms anyway. One time, 1 of our brothers was sitting there and saying to myself and others how it was unfair that I was able to have our own private room with our own window air conditioning unit, then for an hour, I acted like what he was saying landed and meant something to me. I told his he was right, & that every one of us should all be consistently treated equally. Then I made his angry by telling his I was just joking & clearly he was nothing but a dimwit! Okay, I know, that was really cruel, but later I realized that all people really should be respected. I ended up telling our parents that our brothers should also have cooling devices in their room so they could be comfortable as well. I mean, it seems kind of wrong to be treated like royalty, but I don’t think I would like any other way of life. I am growing to be more understanding though.

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