I fixed the AC with yard work

I was pretty disappointed when I got this call to a house about a clearly non-laboring air conditioner system.

When I got there, it was raining, however luckily I was wearing a poncho.

When I got to the backyard to check the broken air conditioner condenser unit, I was shocked because the air conditioner condenser component was utterly surrounded by nothing however mud. I realized that every time the air conditioner proposal would start to engage, it would basically pull the mud into the unit. It was totally caked up with smelly mud. I wasn’t sure at first if it could be fixed, however I decided to shut the power off in the house to work on it. I pulled off the cover as well as then I took a hose to carefully spray all the mud off the component from the inside out. I cleared away all the debris also… Even though I clearly was able to wash out the air conditioner condenser unit, I realized the thick mud surrounding the thing was an immense issue. I easily had some rolls of grass in the back of my HVAC truck that was used for landscaping work. I also had some gravel fill that I was able to put over the muddy spots. I got the ground even as well as then I rapidly put the rolls of grass over it so that it would no longer be muddy. This was a lot of extra work, however I was able to get it looking good. Then when I had the air conditioner condenser properly put back together, I tested out the air conditioner system. I made sure there was no excess mud being pulled into the air conditioner condenser component as well as it completely worked like a charm.


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