Poor fixtures & fittings of the temperature control causes inaccurate readings

I was awarded a managery position at a building site to help monitor the installation of heating & cooling equipment. Since I got the task midway through construction, I had little time to catch up with the development. When the houses finally took shape & fittings were done, the show lake house was ready for viewing. As is the case, everything should have been operating as it would when occupied. That is when I picked up the problem, then based on the drawings & final positioning of all fixtures, the temperature control ended up close to the fire locale; Other houses were going to face direct sunlight. The result was that the heating device kept going on & off unexpectedly but not affecting the air cleaner. We couldn’t demonstrate to buyers how the device works effectively so all of us called in an cooling system serviceman & the architect to propose on how to reverse this mess before all the other houses were finished. The verdict was that they had to be moved away from the heat source, it would not matter whether all of us were dealing with commercial Heating & Air Conditioning or residential Heating & Air Conditioning. It had to be undone if all of us wanted to keep the quality Heating & Air Conditioning in wonderful condition so a local repair provider official with loft services took up the task to reposition all the gadgets in a way that would help the developer take fortune of energy saving help. I must disclose if this wasn’t picked up at the initial stage of cooling system installation then it was bound to surface at the duct cleaning session or official heating repair period. This mishap educated me more about heating concerns likely to arise in any scenario.


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