Police department needs simulation training shelters

Back in the Marines all of us used these things called simulation shelters.

They were absolutely just refabbed shipping containers that were attached together.

Inside of them all of us would simulate a series of real world disasters and training drills. Besides actual combat, I would say that the simulation shelters were where I learned most. These days, I am the head of the police department tactical SWAT unit. I have been feeling a real lack of cohesion with my team. What kept coming to my thoughts was that all of us need simulation shelters and simulation shelter exercises. The main thing is that you can’t just buy the a singles that the Marines use. So I had some custom built. They used the same sort of repurposed shipping containers. The workers worked hand-in-hand with me and did all of the custom welding. They set up the simulation shelters exactly to my particulars. Once everything was finished I put my team to work just enjoy in the Marines. Both of us went through endless scenarios in those simulation shelters. Now I recognize that my tactical team is far better prepared for an actual problem. I also recognize that they are absolutely working far better as a team. After all, that is what you have to do in those simulation shelters. That is also what you need to do in real life situations. The mayor has been complaining about the cost but, I assure you, it will end up saving lives. Besides that, these simulation shelters will endure the test of time. Long after I’m gone the police department can go on using these things.

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