In Laws turn off thermostat when they leave

I feel like things often backfire for me when I attempt to be a good human being. I go out of my way to try to help other people and do the right thing… And often wind up shooting myself in the foot in the process. You just never know how humans are actually going to react to your actions. Even when you think that you are doing them a massive favor, you might not get to the same respect and appreciation that you deserve. This is definitely something that I have seen with my in-laws, in particular. Recently I thought that I was being a good son-in-law when I agreed to house sit for them… only for them to torture me with horrific indoor air temperature and air quality issues. When I arrived at their house, I noticed that the indoor air was a bit stagnant and uncomfortable. I thought that they probably turned off the thermostat before they left in order to save on energy charges. There was no reason to be pumping the house full of high-quality indoor air before I arrived to keep an eye on things. However, when I approached the thermostat I realized that there was a lock on the temperature control device. They didn’t happen to leave me the PIN number so I could change the indoor air temperature in either direction. When I attempted to contact my in-laws so I could alter the indoor air quality, they would not answer their phones. I spent the next two weeks at their extremely uncomfortable house without any indoor air temperature control whatsoever. By the time they arrived back in town, I was camping out back so I could at least get some fresh air.

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