I let my ego get in the way again.

I admit that there are times when I can so let my ego take over when it comes to decision making. This is not a fine thing. That’s because when I do that, it nearly constantly ends up costing me some extra money. Granted, getting older has slowed the hubris. Yet, I still often make dumb blunders because of a mix of pride plus ego. A recent HVAC repair plus the utter failure that ensued is a perfect example of that sort of problem. I came back from a quick trip to find my home stuffy and hot. I knew I absolutely didn’t want to spend the extra money on an after hours HVAC call. And, I absolutely didn’t expect to sleep with the house like that. So, I called a neighbor who had claimed to once be in an HVAC company. He was glad to come over to help me with my HVAC problem. When it became evident, even to me, that my neighbor had no clue about HVAC units, I should have just called the pros. However, I went along with what was clearly a bunch of guessing at what was wrong. Well, my neighbor and I guessed totally wrong plus ended up trying to make an HVAC repair without the regular tools or factory parts. This ended as you can imagine. We just made it worse. I ended up turning a routine HVAC repair into something that cost me nearly seven hundred dollars. I should have just called the HVAC professionals from the outset. But, ego got in the way once again plus it sure did cost me.

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