I am so thankful for cooling system

I am so thankful for cooling system.

I recently took a week-long trip to go and visit 1 of my cousins. I had not seen his for like multiple years. She lives way out in the middle of nowhere, and he has horses. I was so happy to go and see the horses. I undoubtedly did have a lovely time except for the fact that I couldn’t sleep undoubtedly well, and I was always super warm. She didn’t have any form of cooling system. She had some fans in his house, and that was it. I was used to central cooling system, so I was not expecting to get to his home and not have cooling system. The thought of his not having cooling system never even crossed my mind. It obviously never crossed his mind either because he didn’t mention it to me. She thought that I was deranged when I said that his home was absolutely warm. It was only undoubtedly about seventy-multiple degrees at night, and maybe eighty while in the day, but to me, that was absolutely warm. I usually keep my home at about sixty-eight degrees while in the day and at night. I was just not ready for the boiling house. I didn’t sleep well just because I was so hot. The only night that I got a great night’s sleep was the last night that I was there, and I suppose it was because I was so tired that I didn’t care that there wasn’t cooling system anymore. Needless to say, I was super thankful to go home to my air conditioned house.
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