He doubted the professional

My husband wanted an oak coffee table for the master room, but all of us could not find anything in the furniture stores that looked highly appealing.

Most of the items look the same and all of the coffee tables did not seem like they would suit our needs.

My husband thought it was a wonderful plan for us to contact a custom furniture builder to hand make a coffee table. He personally contacted a few different custom furniture designers and picked the best person for the job. I was surprised when the supplier turned out to be a woman in our town. Most women don’t design custom furniture, but this lady came with glowing reviews and a website full of information. The entire time that the nice woman inspected the custom furniture piece, our hubby was distraught about the outcome of the project. The custom furniture designer never came to the lake house to take measurements, and so, our hubby was preemptively distraught that the coffee table would not be the right height for his feet or food. I told our hubby not to worry, because the designer had wonderful reviews under her belt. When the lady delivered the custom built coffee table, our husband was clearly impressed with the craftsmanship. The lady made the sides look ornate with beautiful designs. The items looked like it belonged in a high end furniture catalog. Whenever our husband put his big smelly feet up on the table, it was the perfect height. It’s clear that the lady had always known exactly what she was doing. The furniture looks wonderful. Next year, all of us might use her services in the future again to make a dining table for our growing family.
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