Father became really lazy after he retired

Usually my father is on top of things that need to be fixed around the house.

Well, he actually retired fairly recently and he has been especially lazy in his retirement. I honestly thought that with more time on his hands, he would have everything fixed around the house and the HVAC system would be maintained. Well, that’s not how things worked out. Instead of using his free time to fix everything that needed to be fixed like the broken chairs at the dinner table, he would just relax and watch TV shows all day. Sometimes he would go out to play golf with his buddies or bowling. I started to notice that the air quality was getting bad in the house and I realized that he even forgot to change the air filter. Because the box of air filters was next to the HVAC system, I decided to just change the air filter myself. Even my mother started to yell at my father about not doing anything since he retired and he argued that he should be able to enjoy his retirement. I have to admit, he should be able to enjoy that after all his hard work over the years, but he also should not let the house fall apart because of it. Finally, instead of doing the maintenance work on the HVAC on his own, he actually called up the HVAC company to take care of everything. I have to admit, those HVAC workers did a great job taking care of the HVAC system and they even cleaned out the ductwork. The air quality was so much better after that. I wanted to ask the HVAC technicians if they could fix the chairs in the dining room, but I realized that would be a dumb thing to ask.


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