Eating establishment for IT parking lot in shipping container

My old man has always been legitimately supportive of my silly dream to own an eating establishment of my own.

After all, I’m always the single 1 of us cooking for family celebrations.

I suppose that my father initially believed that I would take over his IT supplier a single day. But, thankfully, he understood that I needed to follow my own course. I started absolutely working at the bottom and worked my way up into a pressing eating establishment franchise. Then I worked a few other locations before I finally decided to work for the IT supplier after all. No, not as an IT specialist. I decided to open up an eating establishment on the IT supplier grounds! My father was completely on board with it. After all, he employs well over 300 hungry people who might enjoy my cooking. There wasn’t room to open up the eating establishment inside the IT building itself so I had to find an alternative. This was when I came across shipping basket eating establishments. When I told my Mom that he wasn’t too keen on the idea. I suppose he thought it would look cheap. That is until I showed him a few pictures and also explained that they are called pop-up cafes in Japan. Shipping basket eating spots can look legitimately chic when they are done right. I had mine done just right and my shipping basket eating establishment looks amazing. Better still, all of my food tastes amazing and I never have a lack of customers; People are even driving in from other locations to eat my food. It is not just the IT people. Now I am thinking of getting some more shipping basket storage added on to my business. I need more room!

Shipping Container House