Always something to complain about

Have you ever seen that guys are pressing crybabies? Don’t get myself and others wrong, they won’t ever acknowledge their emotions or tell you when something is hurting on the inside! With that being said, if anything ever goes wrong with their physical condition, you better guess that you’re going to hear about it nonstop… I cannot tell you how several of my husbandys endlessly complained when they would stub a toe or get a scratch, then meanwhile, I could have a broken arm and I genuinely wouldn’t say a word about it. This has held true for my current partner. My amazing partner. The worst part of being with him is his consistent respiratory illnesses. I don’t mind that he has trouble with his respiratory system, although I am entirely annoyed with how dramatic he is when he feels ill… Every time he gets the sniffles my spouse wants a goddamn parade to cheer him up. He starts endlessly bitching about the indoor air quality, dramatically stating that he is burning to death or chilly chilly depending on the moment. With that being said, he wants myself and others to go change the control unit settings for him since he is far too weak to walk 5 feet to the temperature control device. This is why I am extremely ecstatic that the people I was with and I installed the mini split ductless heating and cooling plan in his man cave. The Heating and A/C unit has an electronic remote that allows him to turn the heat up or down as he pleases; Now, he can adjust his own indoor air temperature all on his own and I can avoid hearing all of his dramatic complaints for a few hours at a time.

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