Zone control for in-law suite

It just made sense that my grandmother should move into the in-law suite in our house.

Grandma has been getting up there in age but she absolutely refuses to move into an old folks’ home.

I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to live in an old folks’ home either. However, she does need help with things around the house and someone really should check in on her every day. That is why we moved our renters out and moved Grandma into our in-law suite. She was very pleased with this arrangement. However, it quickly became clear that we would need to do something about our heating and cooling. Our renters never minded the fact that the thermostat was in our portion of the house. They closed off vents, opened windows, and used space heaters and portable air conditioners if they were uncomfortable. However, there is no way my grandmother can manage doing all that. Besides, I really don’t want a space heater in her suite. She might start a fire. She is constantly complaining about the temperature. It is too hot then it is too cold. I was starting to get a bit annoyed until my husband got zone control installed in the whole house. Now Grandma has her own thermostat and can adjust it as much as she wants. We stay comfortable and so does she. It is a win win. I only wish we had done it earlier. We probably would have saved money on the electric bill with all of the renters we have had over the years.

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