Wife thinks we pay too much for HVAC cleaning

I have to admit, I’m not always the best person when it comes to handling the finances. I tried to be good with my money but there are times that I make big mistakes and I can’t undo them. I really wish that I was more skilled in managing my finances but it seems to be a skill that I never learned efficiently. As such, I understand that my wife has some concerns when it comes to managing the household budget. To be fair, there are plenty of times that I have made inappropriate purchases or spent a little too much money. That being said, I don’t believe that it’s fair for her to criticize my recent heating, cooling, and air quality control maintenance service purchases. If you know anything about indoor air quality control equipment, you know that it requires a fair amount of professional maintenance and diagnostic services to keep it rolling. If you don’t have air quality control specialists repeatedly visiting your central air quality control equipment, you suffer from higher energy bills and fluctuating indoor air temperatures. You can also have really terrible indoor air quality if you aren’t regularly changing your air filter or having your air duct work cleaned out. Because I care about our ongoing respiratory health as well as our monthly utility bills, I thought it was a good idea to have the local air quality control repair shop come out to inspect my central heating and cooling system. Little did I know, my wife would be complaining about the HVAC services for months. Don’t get me wrong, I paid a little extra money… But it seemed like upgrading the entire HVAC system was a great idea.


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