The rent keeps rising on my small office space

I spent 15 years working for various software firms before I decided to go out on my own.

I am 36 and my plans took at least a decade longer to realize than why my teenage mind had always expected.

It’s easy to get lofty and form unrealistic dreams and expectations when you’re young and naive. It’s especially problematic for good students that aren’t used to life shattering failure. The thought that they’re gifted and naturally smarter than their peers is instilled in them by their parents and teachers alike, with myself being no exception. They often forget to teach you that failure is not only inevitable, but a necessary part of life. If you don’t get rich in a few years, you can’t tell yourself it won’t ever happen. Instead, you reformulate your expectations so they’re more realistic, or at the very least flexible. With my case, I have reached the point where I am realizing my dreams, but I wouldn’t be standing in this place today if I had given up 10 years ago. I would have never grown a business large enough where I rent out a small office space for myself and four other employees. We stay busy, but the business isn’t wealthy. Rental prices on buildings in this city are steadily rising, especially in the neighborhood that we’re in with my software business. I have considered looking for different rental units for my company’s office, but the reality is that these kinds of rental prices are consistent all throughout the city and only change slightly when you get into poorer parts of the city.

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