Our new baby likes cold air instead of hot

Do you ever just look at members of your family and wonder if you were entirely adopted? I guess that I had this thought for most of my entire life, however it didn’t help that I look particularly nothing like anybody else in our family.

  • I entirely am the bastard child of the ginger milkman, if you really know what I am saying.

Now, as an adult I sometimes look at our own child and wonder the exact same thing. I think that this tiny being came out of our body… However, sometimes I am reluctant to guess that they were not switched with the wrong baby at birth, then both of us just have nothing in common… But this extends all the way down to our temperature control preferences; when our kid first came to the apartment, she consistently screamed when the heating plan kicked into gear. If the forced air furnace was operating, she was crying her lungs out. It didn’t matter if she was anywhere near an air vent or the high quality indoor air was passing over her body… But either way, she was so sad that every one of us was using the heating plan inside of our house! As soon as every one of us walked out doors into the chilly winter air, she would instantly calm down and smile. And personally, I cannot begin to comprehend this strange air temperature preference. I could not guess more differently about our ideal temperature control range. In fact, if it was possible to run the heating plan at all the times I would be perfectly content; however meanwhile, every one of us had to reduce our indoor air temperature by 10° just so every one of us can get some peace and quiet with the baby in the house. This just has to be the wrong kid.

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