It’s a bit addicting, actually

After I got divorced I decided to go a little wild with my home.

  • No, I didn’t go out to the bars plus start dating boys much younger than me who lived at the house.

I decided that I was going to buy plus do things that I have personally always wanted to do. My ex-spouse was extremely cheap. When both of us got together and moved into our house, I wasn’t allowed to make updates on it. I got stuck with horrible yellow walls plus old grey carpet. I also got used appliances plus furniture our spouse’s entire family didn’t want. Now that she is gone plus not monitoring what is spent, I am carefully making our lake home the way I want it. The first thing I did was paint our walls a very nice soft grey plus rip up the carpets to do marble floors. Then I contacted an interior designer to ask for assistance. My ex would have freaked out if I wanted to call for interior design ideas from a professional. The lady is just amazing though. I have poured over all her themes plus listened to her available ideas. Her plus I both agree the home should be a classic elegance theme. I will eventually have mainly pale whites plus greys in the house. The high end furniture will be a bit swirly, curly plus elaborate looking. I also am getting a free custom made piece for the home. I want a custom couch that is right for our height. I also want a custom bed frame nowadays since I am ordering a greater bed.


Desert eclectic home