It wasn’t fun learning that bumble bees sting people

When I was a small kid I used to sing a song about bumble bees.

  • Our teacher taught it to us, however at the end of the song the singer gets stung by a bumble bee.

Our teacher easily told us that bumble bees don’t sting. Only honey bees and wasps do. And I believed her when I was young… Every time I sang the song I would skip the end of the song where the singer is stung by a bumble bee because I believed my teacher! That was basically until I was 12 years of age and I found a little bumble bee walking on the sidewalk. She was totally cute and fuzzy and I thought it would be a cool thing to pick her up and put her on a flower. That was when I had to learn that bumble bees do in fact sting. I got stung bad and it hurt immensely. It turns out that the female bumble bees sting. The males do not. So our teacher was at least half right anyway. I just wish I hadn’t learned that the brutal way. Recently I got stung by a bumble bee again! I was walking barefoot on our shrubbery when I felt a horrible pain in my heel. When I looked I found a half squashed bumble bee. And now I am seeing all kinds of bumble bees all over our shrubbery. Apparently they live in holes in the ground and our yard is overwhelmed with them. I am going to have to get some assistance removing the bumble bees. I don’t want to get stung again… However, getting stung did remind me of the song I used to sing back when I was a youngster. But now, I sing the last section where the bee decides to sting the singer.

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