It was nice relaxing on the heated floors after my fall

I took a pretty horrible fall at the barn the other day… I am so cheerful I was wearing a helmet.

I knew I was going to fall.

It is my own fault too. I should have checked the saddle blanket over before putting it on the horse. The second I was in the saddle the bur dug into my horse’s back and I ended flying in the dirt. Many people saw this happen too. I’m cheerful they were able to catch my horse however it was honestly embarrassing. I played it off basically like I was fine however by the time I untacked my horse and got back to my beach house I was in a ton of pain. My hip hurt legitimately bad, I had a terrible bruise on my shoulder, and my neck hurt from the horrible whiplash. I even had gravel embedded in my back. Once I cleaned myself up I just wanted to take a nap even though I couldn’t manage to get comfortable! Everything hurt, somehow I ended up kneeling on the floor and I eventually fell asleep. The heat from our radiant heated floors felt so fantastic on my achy body. I must have slept approximately 2 hours before I forced myself to get off the floor. That is when I managed to locate more spots on my body that hurt. That night again I couldn’t get comfortable until I layed out a sleeping bag on the heated floor and then I slept basically like a baby. So over the next few afternoons I pretty much lived on that heated floor. I watched tv while relaxing on the heated floor in front of the couch. I decided to sleep on the heated floor every single night, and I slowly managed to recover. Within a week I was able to get back on my horse. This time was totally uneventful.

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