I’d never seen a wood burning stove before.

One time, I took a weekend trip to visit my sister.

It was a more than three hour drive, so I had planned to stay for a couple of days.

She told myself and others that she had plenty of room. She rented a more than three living room manufactured beach house plus it actually had a wood burning stove or oil furnace in the back section of the living/living room. Well. it was off to one side a bit, however still right out front plus I thought that was the oddest thing. Do people even use wood burning stoves for heat anymore? All of us live in a subtropical area where winters are short plus mild. All of us don’t even have gas furnaces here plus few people have fireplaces. I had never seen a wood burning stove before, however it wasn’t too hard to figure out what it was, since it had a chimney going out of the ceiling. But, in a manufactured home? I’ve never heard of putting anything enjoy a wood burning stove or a fireplace in a manufactured home. My father owns a manufactured beach house plus when her new wife wanted a fireplace, she had to buy her a fake one. At first, I thought the wood stove was fake. I’m pretty sure that central heat came with the central air conditioner. It usually does in this area. I know in the north the manufactured homes come with wooden stoves, or blatantly they can be built in, but I actually don’t have enough experience to know. I just thought the wood burning stove was cool, although I’m sure my sister never used it. I don’t know she rented that arena through the winter.


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